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Monday, October 15, 2012

31 days :: Be a Bucket Filler {extending hospitality in a way our children can understand}

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Pardon the delay in getting this post up, today, and published. As I've been playing "hospital" around here myself this morning, with a sick little guy (slight fever and sore throat - no school!) and a teething, cranky 1 yr old... and on the phone with doctors and grandmas' and well...
I think we're holding our own and hanging in there.  Mostly resting here today.

But I wanted to ask you this today.

Have you ever heard of a Bucket Filler?  How about a Bucket Dipper?

The other day...I received a letter in the mail.
A kindhearted soul, a dear friend of our whole family, "must have been" reading my blog and knows now - how much I love getting snail mail.  Because I've talked about that.
Which, in turn, kinda made me cry.  Like a baby.
But, in a good way.

Her words... so full of blessing and gratitude.

My five year old overheard the sniffles and came to see what was wrong.  I like five.  He still wants to be held and so I picked him up and held him.  WOW ~ he's getting HEAVY!!

Maybe if I held all my kids more often like that I wouldn't notice the gradual change of how quickly they really grow up.  Something to think about...

So back again to him asking me what was wrong.

I quickly told him.  And meant it.

"Nothing is wrong, honey", I said.

"But, do you remember the book you were telling Mommy about the other day, the one you're teacher read to your class, at school? - the one with the question that asked of whether or not you were a bucket filler or a bucket dipper?"

"Yes!" - Caleb whispered, snuggling deeper into my shoulder.

"Well, this is what being friends with someone is all about.  We're bucket fillers for each other.  When we can be friends with someone and they can be friends with us... and we do things like send each other encouraging cards, or help each other out, or give a meal to someone - just because.  That is what it means to fill another person's bucket.
It's where you want to do kind things for others and fill their bucket up - GOOD and FULL!
When you start to let selfishness and unkindness enter you're relationships to the point where it affects negatively - you've then become a bucket dipper."

I think he understood.  After explaining further that my tears were happy tears - he pushed back and wanted down.  Off to playing...again.

 I hope I filled his bucket that day, as well.  Somehow, I think I did.

((Verbiage like this is just another way, I hope, to help our kids understand -hospitality- and how to extend it, outwardly toward others.))

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  1. I'm gonna have to get my hands on that book for my girls. What a great picture it paints! Thanks Bev!

  2. Good lesson!
    I like how you got down to Caleb's level for him. I know he "got it" and I got it too.

  3. Replies
    1. I will surely try. Thank-you, my friend.

  4. Yes,i wanna be a bucket filler! Christina

  5. I've been on the receiving end of your "bucket filling" Bev!

    1. And, I on yours. Thank you!!! You're so sweet.


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