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Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 days :: Quotes I love! {a prayer request}

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This is a continued prayer, for our home....

May its doors be open to those in need, and its rooms

be filled with kindness.

May joy shine from its windows,

And His presence never leave it.

~Jewish Home Blessing.

And this... we continue to practice...

Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest 

is surely home, and home, sweet home 

for there the heart can rest.

~Henry Van Dyke


You know what?  I wasn't sure I wanted to say anything.  But now I guess I will.

I have a prayer request.

This weekend we have a family of five in the process of relocating from TN to PA.  They're traveling as we speak. This is mainly due to a job change...which starts on Tuesday.
They are "old" friends of mine.  I mean I haven't seen them in years. I've never met their children and so when I found out (through FB) they were relocating/moving to our area...  I just wanted to be helpful.
They are possibly going to be staying with us for a few days - although she has a brother in NJ - so, due to the impending "Frankenstein" weather conditions and for some other reasons besides looking for needing housing... yes! they are still looking for a house... we offered for them to use our home as a "safe haven"... for the as long as they need.

Please pray for my friends Harvey and Jody and their three young children...

** For their safety while continuing to travel.
** For affordable housing to open up - quickly - in what they are looking for.
** For his New Job to get off to a great start.
**  That they would be able to adjust well to life in PA.  and settle in - easily!
** That they would feel "at home" in our home over the next couple of day. :)
** That we can be a blessing to them.  Big or small... whatever they need.
** That they would find a great church family...
and on and on.

We're excited... but very, very "nervous" (you know?) with them, for all of these details to unfold.  I appreciate their faith.  They seem to be so laid back and trusting to what and how the Lord has things in store for them.
You know?  When they do find a place to call their own... I'm praying for an even greater blessing, in an even more practical sense of the word - where my own friends and family will share in this to make them feel Christ's love, all the more.
Maybe they could use help with unloading/unpacking, cleaning, meals, a temporary use of a second vehicle... - etc.
Simply this.
That...His presence... never them.
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  1. I can imagine the Moms visiting over cups of steaming coffee, delicous homemade goodies and little happy children playing together. I know they'll be blessed to be in your home, Bevy, you are so hospitable. Praying for answers to prayer!


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