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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mugs & Muffins :: Nobody Told Me! :: Book & Blessings Giveaway!! (GIVEAWAY - NOW CLOSED!)

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Good Morning!!  Welcome Back to another session of

Mugs & Muffins!

Wow... it's been too long since I've hosted one of these.

I'm excited, today, to share with you...
A Great (two-fold) Giveaway!
A recipe for these delicious Raisin Bran Muffins.
and a few thoughts, from...

one of my most favorite books on Mothering:

Prayers and Peanut Butter.

So, scoot up your chair.  Gather round. You do have your coffee in hand, correct?  And, please, help yourself to one of these warm, tasty Raisin Bran Muffins pulled fresh the oven... with the butter melting all gooey inside.  (I'll share the recipe at the end of the post.)  Yum!!  You do like butter on your muffins, yes?


Okay, so this book. Prayers and Peanut Butter - The Mother Book, by Barbara Classen. 

I know I've talked about it many a time. So, to some of you this isn't really an introduction but perhaps more like a "repeat", so to speak. But, this book, it is one of those flip open and let your eyes random fall on lines written and you're sucked in.  It is so relate-able.  Easy to identify yourself.  Easy to read.  A NEED to read!  Especially, if you're a mother to young children and or early (pre)teens.

I, personally, would love to meet this author someday.  I don't know much about her, per say, other than I feel she is a certainly a kindred spirit.

Here is part of an essay written by Barbara, located in the front pages of her book, that I would like to share with you today.

What Nobody Tells You
(about Motherhood)

Nobody told me that children need old shoes and school shoes and Sunday shoes and winter boots and summer sandals and warm slippers and various skates, and that in six months they outgrow them all.

They never warned me how children scream when they get hurt, or how often I'd think that now for sure, every mother's nightmare has come true and Junior has cut off his toe!  They didn't say that when you approach forty, you are unsure how many more frights you can survive.

And nobody told me that there would be golden hours when time stops for a little while, hours spent curled in the big chair, rocking and reading and talking.  Maybe, they didn't know how to explain those moments of perfect contentment that suddenly wash over you...

Nobody ever said anything about socks, either -- that there would be seventy-nine socks in the laundry every week and that thirteen of them would be odd.  Nobody told me that some children manage to wear three pairs a day, or that a missing sock at leaving time can throw a whole household into pandemonium.

Nobody told me how exhausted and anxious I would feel when my child's temperature reaches 105 at night and I don't know what is wrong.

They didn't say how sweet it is to answer a small child's questions about God, or how dear to our hearts it would be when he flops his little head on his hands to pray and tries to be good.  That is, his top half is good, but his bottom half is full of wiggles.

I didn't know that...
That girls could play dolls for thirty-six hours running...or that boys will dismantle spiders and lay all the legs in a heap or that they try to slice ants in half and things like that...

For sure, nobody told me that if you ever want another snack alone, you have to smuggle it into the bathroom or eat it in the dead of night.

Nobody told me that some days I was going to wish I wasn't a mother.  And no one told me that someday I would step out of the grocery store into the sunshine with my youngest little boy's hand in mine, and realize that this stage of life isn't going to last forever.  And now... I  kind of wish it would.
  ~ Barbara Classen  (This is not the full essay..in it's entirety.)

I'm giving away one copy of this book today!!

This is a book you'll enjoy!!  I'm sure of it.  It is FULL, and I mean FULL of insight... and reality... and perspective.  At least, what it means to keep our perspective clear and proper in and throughout Motherhood.   If you're not a Mother - I'm sure you know of someone who is a mother and who would be blessed..

The SECOND part of the GIVEAWAY, is this!

I'm hosting a Blessings Unlimited Gathering, on Friday evening, May31st. 

See our catalog!

The Gathering will be held at my home, at 7pm.  I sent out invites, however, if you're reading this and your local and would like to attend - email me and we'll talk details.  But, as part of this giveaway, today.  I would like to offer a monetary gift credit amount, to the winner of today's Giveaway.  The amount of the credit is currently unknown...

As of yet!  

Here is how this will work.

For each comment left, below, on today's post only!, one dollar will be accrued toward the amount of the gift certificate... with a cap of $25.00, to be placed against your order placed with Blessings Unlimited. Clink HERE for the link you'll need, in order to check out the catalog. 

:::NOTICE:::  THIS IS FOR United States Citizens ONLY!!  (I'm so sorry, my dear Canadian... and beyond... friends!  I'm just about in tears that you'll not be able to participate..)
The (book & gift certificate) GIVEAWAY will end on June 1st!  I know that is a long time out... but the actual Gathering isn't until the 31st of this month.  So - you have time to browse and ponder this... as you desire!!

In order to enter the giveaway - I would like to hear from you!  I would LOVE to hear your own "NOBODY told ME {this}about MOTHERHOOD" moments..

To keep it fair.. we'll allow ONLY one comment to count as your entry.  But make them as long as you'd like.  You're allowed to comment even if you don't want to, or can't be part of the giveaway!  Just mention that in your comment if you so desire.
Again, I'm so sorry.  It is to my understanding that Blessings does not ship out of the US of A.

I will even allow Facebook comments.  Please, share this with your friends...

Thank you so much  for coming by today...
Did you have fun?  Did you enjoy this post?  Have you commented or still plan to?  Do you hope to win and benefit with this exciting giveaway?
I hope all of the above.

Let's wrap this up with today's select Muffin Recipe, shall we?!

~ Raisin Bran Muffins ~

4 cups Raisin Bran Cereal
1 cup sugar
2 1/2 cups flour
2 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1/3 cup applesauce
2 cups buttermilk
2 eggs
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/3 cup oil

Mix all ingredients together.  Bake in cupcake pans at 350* for 20 minutes.   You can bake as needed.  Batter stays fresh in refrigerator for awhile.  Yield: 30 muffins.


Happy Mothers Day!  One day late.

I can't wait to hear your Motherhood Moments... bring em on!


  1. OH Boo, can't win but of course I will comment just the same!! ( I actually LOVE Blessings Unlimited's stuff, I looked into it because I really, REALLY want to sell it but they don't do Canada! :( I've been looking into selling this kind of stuff but I don't like anything offered here. If they brought Blessings to Canada, I'd be ALL over it!)

    Anyways...after all of that... Nice to read a Mugs and Muffins again. Those muffins looks gooood! (and I'm not even a raisin bran fan!)

    hmmm - Nobody told me....just how much you can love one minute and then want to run away the next! ;) hahah! *sigh* so true though! ha!

    Have a wonderful day and Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!!! ♥

    1. Oh, how I can relate to your "Nobody told Me!" moment.

      I'm so sorry - you're unable to be part of this giveaway - due to your location. ;(

  2. The original of this wasn't my idea, but I have expanded on it here. I hope it makes sense...
    Nobody told me that when your child is born, your HEART would be ripped out of your chest, and you'd have to watch it go through life outside of yourself.... grieving with it over hurts, angry at it over insignificances, cheering with it over accomplishments.... so close, but not fully your's to shield and control. And from what I understand, it goes on for all of life. However, we do have the joy of knowing that, outside of ourselves, they are God's.

    1. I remember this feeling. Of loving my son (and hubby) already SO much and then feeling the growth of the love occur the minute I laid eyes on my daughter... and then even more so with my second daughter.

      In the same way... with that deep, deep love comes the ripping. The deeper that love - the harder it hurts (echoing your comment). Yes?

  3. No one told me how much I'd want my littles to stay little and all the while still be so committed to helping them grow and mature. And I never realized how much being a mother would grow and mature me and at the same time keep me "little"!

    1. I love how you put this. "at the same time keep me little". Wow.

  4. Oh, you know you are killing me now with your recipes. You saw my post about the whole gluten free low carb thing and yet you taunt me... :)

    The essay excerpt made me cry. Of course you too know that all I do now is pine for those days.

    Nobody told me that one day when all of the socks came out of the dryer in pairs I would get teary and that I would desperately miss sippy cups and waist high grime on the door jambs. Nobody told me that I would look at the faces of my adult child and still see the same features of the four year old that used to gaze into my eyes waiting for me to solve their problems and hurts. Well, maybe somebody did tell me but it seemed so far in the future that I just didn't get it. Now I do.

    Go hug those precious babies!!

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. Debbie - I didn't mean to make you cry. Truth is.. it makes we whell up too.

      Thanks for your sweet comment. I'll go hug them right now. ;)

  5. love prayers and peanut butter and need to try this recipe!

    1. Janelle- do you have any idea who this author is? I mean - have you ever met her. She is from MO. I think?

  6. Loved this post!!

    As far as what no one told me?

    No one told me that things would never quite be figured out. That no matter how many formulas, schedules, or ideas I may try things would always be changing and I would never be able to quite keep up and it would be frustrating.

    AND no one told me that I would never quite be able to keep up and things would constantly be changing and that exact feeling of frustration would lead to incredibly deep joy as each change and challenge molded our family into a stronger "team" and that we would all laugh and cry together. That as my kids aged I would consider them some of my best friends - and how early that would start. And that I would miss so many things from before, but look forward to so much in the future at the same time. That THEY would help ME to grow in faith and love and challenge me to be the best person I could ever want to be - at the same time I hoped to do that for them. My mom always said each baby is like a present. You don't know what is inside until the wrapping is removed. Such precious gifts these babies of mine are - and we still don't know all of what is inside!

    1. Kristy - I love learning from you. Watching you - as you mother.

  7. :: TRANSFERRED OVER FROM Facebook!! - by Bevy! ::

    Wow, what a wonderful post.. and giveaway... Now to share what "Nobody told me" (about motherhood)... Nobody told me that I would be back in school, that everyone had to share their opinions on how to take care or raise my children, and most of all how my HEART would turn to mush, and tears would flow so freely... Freely to the extent of the joy they would bring me when they were small, then tears they would bring me thru the teenage years, and tears when they left home to be on their own.. Motherhood is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs I have ever had.. Some friends say I am not ready to be a mom, well No One really is.. God made it that way and I believe we all as (Mother's) find out that things arose that we didnt think about, or plan for... but with God in the mix, itl made us all better women.. better moms... It's been a joy being a mom and even though my children are almost grown, I still look at them as my little babies at times.. Oh what joy it would be to hold them so close like when they were small enough to be in my arms... if you are a new mom, EMBRACE the moments, let go of the perfection because before you know it they will be grown... Thanks Bevy for such a wonderful chance to enter this giveaway...have a wonderful day..

    ~ Connie Steele

    1. Connie - I'm not a "new" mom but I want to take your words of advice to heart. You said - EMBRACE the moments, let go of the perfection..

      how true.

      I'm glad you got a chance to enter this. ;)

  8. :: TRANSFERRED OVER from FACEBOOK, by Bevy! ::

    You don't need to enter me in the giveaway{I think I'm too far away anyway:(}. I am so glad that I came by this morning for you and during Samuel's afternoon nap for me...I miss you! & I absolutely loved this essay & this book definitely sounds like one that I would enjoy:} Wish I could pop into church and watch your little cuties wiggle in front of mine...hugs:}:}:}

    ~ Abby Alleman

    1. I loved hearing from you - here, Abby! I miss you so much. This book would bless your socks off. Oh - and yeah, my wiggly three...for sure!! I know they would be turned around and watching your three beauties. Miss you guys.

  9. I have been meaning to add a comment for days. Recently I read a line in a poem and it about sums up what I never knew... "the tear-stained joys of motherhood" I may have been told, but I don't think I believed, until I experienced it myself. Motherhood is HARD. But the sweet joys that come along with it make it oh so precious and completely worth it. :)

    thanks for the post Bevy, it has been encouraging!
    Amanda H

    1. Living next door to you - Amanda, I'm sure you've heard my tears or have seen my tear-stained joys of motherhood as well.

      This Mothering season... is for sure the hardest. But as you say - well worth it. ;)

      I love having you for a neighbor.


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