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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Would-Be, Surprise (40th!) Birthday Celebration

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It was supposed to be a surprise.  And it almost was.  For last Saturday, (back on the 8th!) my husband, did the sweetest thing.  He hacked my email account and "went to town".  Inviting friends and family - as best as he could figure out who was who - and planed a big ole 40th {surprise!} birthday celebration for me.  He felt bad he couldn't invite everyone..but did the best he could.

(My brother Joel - sitting here, with my three kids.. throw in my youngest brother, Nathan...on this next photo.)

Speech!!  My husband is too funny..
My sister Rachel and her three daughters, along with my Aubrey and Caleb
L to R: my husband's Uncle Jack, Aunt MaryJeanne, Susie (my MIL),  Rhoda (my Mom) and my Aunt Mary Ellen.
Aunt Juline (my sister!) with baby Jayne.
My brother Justin with his girl - Kelsey!  and my daughter Jayne.
 (All of these photos are all my sister, Lorene's ... I asked her permission to post them.)

While you don't see many folks here other than my siblings or my mom and mother-in-law, aunts or uncles ...there really was quite a group of dear close friends represented.  I was really blessed by their outpouring of love and birthday blessing.  To which I say, Thank-You!, to each and every one.

I am aware not every one could come that was invited; it is the beginning to a busy time of year and there were obvious busy schedules already in place.

I just felt so blessed that Scott did this for me! As I said,  I would have been really surprised...

But honestly, I found out, unintentionally - like as early as the day before - that Friday, by some well-meaning friends who sent a birthday card to the house.  It had me curious.. :) Only because of something that was written in the card.  My birthday was on Monday, the 10th!

All an honest "mistake"...;)

I love the barn where the Birthday Celebration took place.  In fact, one of my bridal showers was held here.  If only I would have remembered my own camera... eh?

Oh.  One more thing.  My sister and brother-in-law (John & Rachel) provided the full Catered Meal and Cake for the event.  It was fabulous.

The whole thing was a HUGE SCORE for my man.  Well done, babe!  You did good, you did good!

"My daddy, he's awesome!"
My friend Gail.  It looks like she's saying,  "Listen Bevy, this is what's coming for you, in the years ahead... Okay?"  (haha!)
I will say, turning forty, so far, hasn't been that bad.  Most days I certainly don't feel 40... and then other days...???



On to living out my 41st year!!  

I like to remember this..

Only one life, `twill soon be passed.  
Only what's done for Christ will last.


  1. That is sooo great!! LOVE that barn - we have one like it and we hope to fix it up enough to host such events!! Such a sweet gesture from Scott - I wondered how he got all those emails - too bad it was a tad not so surprised! ;) Ah well, it's truly the thought that counts and the fact that HE didn't tell you himself - my hubby on the other hand - he can NOT keep a secret! I'm glad you felt blessed - you are! ♥

    Oh and do you ever look like your mom! :D

    1. Thank you Kaitlin - I'll take that as a compliment - me looking like my mom. However, it has been said I favor more my dad's side of the family... my Aunt Mary (on that photo) and another one of my aunts (who didn't attend), for sure.

      Did I hear you all were contemplating on making the ride down, from CA, for this big day?? Maybe I was dreaming ...

      Wouldn't that have been cool?

  2. Bevy, Thanks for sharing.. Love the Barn! Sounds like you picked a keeper(Scott). I have to say you are one lucky Lady... Glad you had a wonderful time with family and friends.. (my hubby could never pull something like that together).. lol.. and I am kinda glad because I do not like surprises at all. Have a wonderful day...

    1. I will say, Connie, I truly wished I didn't know about it. But what was I going to do about it? I don't do surprise, surprises all that well either.


      I should be used to it, by now. My hubby IS pretty good with this kind of thing. I would have a few stories to share. ;)

  3. Happy belated birthday! What a gem that husband of yours is to pull off this party for you. I'm going to turn 60 this year and can only hope I will get something half as nice as this.

    1. I'm sure it will be lovely Kathy. You'll be the "star"... shining brightly. ;)

  4. What a sweet thing for you hubby to do! Also, never realized till that last photo, just how much you & Gladys resemble each other! Happy B-day! Yvonne

    1. oh my goodness - Yvonne. So good to hear from you, here.

      I sure wish my sister Gladys could've come... and too bad that there wasn't a better picture of Rachel on here. (I can't believe how long it's been - R & J will be married 13 years this Dec. Remember their wedding??)

      Thanks for visiting. Come back again.

  5. Bevy, It was such an honor for our family to be there to celebrate with you. My how your family has grown-up over the years. Those shy little boys that came into the store with your mom, how they've changed into young men!! And you, snatching up a great find in Scott. You guys have been blessed with a sweet family and we are blessed to be your friends. Happy birthday again to you. I only hope we'll be around in another 40 years to celebrate the big 8-0!!

    1. lol! oh Kelli - keep in mind you are a lot younger than us. I wouldn't push it ... but keep on keeping on - you'll be around. ;) The big 8-0, Lord Willing - maybe?? one day...

      You would have to be the one to put the whole thing on. (ha,ha!)

  6. Oh yes. Once again your sweet husband has shown himself to be a thoughtful man. Marriage to one who honors the Lord and loves his wife is truly a treasure! Happy belated, sweet lady! And here's to many more. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. What an awesome thing for your husband to do! How sweet and thoughtful. I'm glad you had a nice day. I enjoyed the pictures! :-)


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