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Friday, July 12, 2013

Gone Fishing!!

. .... .. .. ... .. ... . ... .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .

I wish I could say I've "Gone Fishing"... but I can't.  Instead, my computer - the one I use all of the time - has gotten VERY wet.  Let me say it again... VERY, very WET!
(Loving thanks to my youngest daughter...)

I think it's a true blue goner.  As in fried.  

I have a lot of hope and faith in my computer techie husband... to get me back up and running. So, we'll see what happens.  He is the Man!!!!!

Currently, I'm typing this post on borrowed time and on my hubby's School computer which he has "nixed"
 me from using.  Eeeks!!

So, I can't say when I'll be back... for REALs.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend.  Love to all!!!

:: Photo is an oldie - left in a draft post, from a long time ago - a photo of my BIL and my niece.  I've always loved this photo.


  1. Ohh poor Bevy! I hope Scott gets you up and running soon! I hate computer issues - reminds me, I should be backing up mine soon!

  2. Oh,I'm so sorry about your computer. I get so grumpy when mine is on the fritz.
    Sympathetic thoughts sending your way. I hope Scott can do his handy work on it for you.

  3. Oh no, I hope Scott can create magic for you... Please know you will be missed.... :( hugs dear girl...


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