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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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Here are my
two little
Over the past couple of days - our snow here, was just "hard enough" that Aubrey had no problem at all - staying on top; able to run and slide and twirl and glide!!!!!!!!!!!
Caleb could too, but he's a little heavier and a foot would go through here and there.

However, they thought they were in heaven!
I grew up Ice Skating - on ponds, lakes and creeks, etc.  and have been wanting to get them out there...
But with all this snow - everywhere! - and still more to come later this week.  I thought I had better introduce them to (at least!) snow-skating.  With them using their boots on this ICY snow - they could better understand the "balancing act" that skating requires...
I just love that first photo there of catching Caleb in "the slide"...
And, Aubrey - well, she's a natural! ;)

Wow!!  Lots of fun!!


  1. Love it. Greetings from Holland. Please, send us snow ...

  2. Adorable and it looks like alot of fun.... Did you Snow Skate too? Have a great day... Sun is shining brightly here today, but bitter cold temps... stay warm... hugs as always...

  3. Those are the most beautiful photos you've ever taken!! REALLY GORGEOUS!

  4. Those are just precious!! Your blog is going to hold some definite wonderful treasured memories for days to come.. Continue to enjoy! Blessings!

  5. They are the cutest snow skaters ever!

  6. Aaaaah!!!! SUCH great photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the snow skating idea - my gals are too 'chicken' to do much in the snow! :P I have to get out there and show them...but I wouldn't do well at snow skating - or any skating for that matter! :P Just give me a sled - then I'm one happy winter girl!!

  7. Darling...
    I'm ready for Spring! How about you?

  8. Such great photos! Yippee for snow! :)

  9. Love the photos...you can tell they are having a blast!!! Melanie P.

  10. Oh the memories they will have!
    These are really great pictures. From the clothing to the movements, just wonderful.

  11. These are some of the cutest photos I've laid eyes on all week!

    Pure love.


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