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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Ripple Effect

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Imagine yourself sitting in a group setting of any size and someone begins to share something really exciting that they've recently experienced.  Everyone is on the edge of their seat - soaking it up!
Have you ever thought about how that one person's testimony, shared, is so encouraging?  That when that person has finally found the courage to share about the LORD; what He's done for them or someone else, that we find ourselves getting excited for them and with them?  I know I do.  And often then, do we in turn use that same story of good news, of hope or encouragement, to tell someone else... and on and on it  goes.

I'm talking about encouragement...
Gossip can do the same thing - but with a rather adverse effect.
(I'm not going there, today!)
But when this good thing happens, it has that sort of ripple effect.

Picture with me the plunk, of a word or a thought that goes deep into the hearts of that body of people.
From there each one takes that moment and shares... and the ripple of encouragement (Good News!) spreads far and wide.  It gets bigger and bigger - that circle of sharing - and how many others lives are encouraged and blessed in that moment.

I know this is a picture of how the Gospel gets spread.  The good news - shared.
Sometimes it doesn't seem like anything we say or do makes or will make a difference.  But, friend!  It does.

Be faithful.

Sometimes it takes courage..
a LOT of courage.


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you, Bevy. I appreciate your heart. :) Hugs, Camille

  2. Bevy, The ripple effect continued on Tuesday... In talking with a family there I learned that their daughter attends the same High School I graduated from and is part of the Christian club that I was involved in and helped to found more than 20 years ago. It was at Christian Club that she became a Christian! Praise God that He is continuing the work he began through us! And the ripples go on and on...

    1. And the triple effect will continue because unjust read this to Michaela who is going to share it at her bible club at school tomorrow morning! This is a cool testimony!

    2. *RIPPLE....although maybe it will have a "triple" effect :0)

  3. Beautifully said, Bevy. Those ripples can travel further than we imagine, spreading a simple yet profound word to the hearts of many. Bless you.

    PS - You're the winner of my book giveaway @ Ink Dots this week. You can message me through the blog contact page with your address and I'll arrange for delivery of your book! xx


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