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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Daybook in March

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FOR TODAY ~ the 4th Monday of the month!

Outside my window... the sun is shining beautiful, this morning. But the temps are dropping...  Three guesses what is in the forecast for tomorrow??  Yup!  Sn-NO!-ow, but only 1-2" and it'll be outta here.. ;)

I am thankful...for the healing that has since come to our home, from over the past week.  What a week, last week was.  I think it hit everybody, except for me. I was the least affected.  I may have had a twinge of it.. however, this bug had hit our son. BAD!

Every hour, consistent in time, this kid threw up... and this went on all Friday night long.  We had been up with him at least twice, by this point, when while as my husband and I crawled back into bed for the third time! I whispered in the dark...as we held one another.  I said to my husband, "Thank you, Scott! Thank you, for helping me! You know, this.  This is what makes the "lovemaking" go on and on in our marriage.. This is what solidifies our making of that love, between us, to the now of helping one another now - in sickness and in health , etc.... this is what really is the making and keeping of our union and what its all about.."  He agreed..and we fell off asleep for another hour until Caleb called out again, and this continued on, and again, and again..
The next morning - Jayne headed for round two..

This photo was taken sometime on Saturday.  Thankfully Caleb and everyone else is feeling way better..by this morning.

We have a *NEW* week ahead of us..praise the Lord!!

In the kitchen...a Buttermilk Coffee Cake (with chopped apples and pecans). It goes along perfectly with a cup of hot coffee, this morning.  And, why wouldn't it?
A Ham Dinner is on the menu for dinner, tonight!

I am wearing... I am wearing a brown linen Sarah skirt, this morning...and a black Tee!  (of course..)

I am creating...I'm almost done with this one "custom" bag order - and I can't wait to tell you the story that goes a long with this bag... hang in there!  It'll come.
Oh, and I got another "custom" bag request as of yesterday..

I am going... to go by Dunkin Donuts and get me a FREE Iced Coffee, today (for a limited time!).  Although, let me tell you.  I did that last week, too, and I think by Thursday that  20oz. was still in the fridge - unfinished.  I guess, I should say "I THINK, I am going.." - maybe I don't really need to go there after all, if I can't finish them..  That's probably quite okay..

I am wondering...and I wonder no more!  There is green pushing through the ground..  We'll be having daffodils before too long...

I am reading...not much of anything *new* this month.  Finishing up the Unglued book, probably this week, and I still have a few other books still lingering around on the nightstand...ones I've share with you previously.. I realize I'm a slow reader.  But, that's okay.  I only read at bedtime anyway.  :)

I am hoping... to receive a few things via snail mail, this week!  I was a recent winner to two different giveaways!  How exciting!!

I am looking forward to...  Okay!  so while my husband and I know who is moving next door, our kids do not. At least, not yet.  It's my brother; one of their favorite uncles.  So - yesterday we got talking about "who just might the new neighbors be"..?   Here is Aubrey's concern: "I hope they're not mean!"  to which I replied, even if they are "we still need to be nice to them".  Caleb pipes up.  "I wonder if they'll know God?" - to which I replied... We'll have to see but of course, if they don't we'll be sure to tell them who Jesus is.."
So, when I told my bro about this (in hushed whispers, at church) he was beside himself in awe of how much these kids have "spiritual concerns and context on their hearts and minds"...

I am learning..as hard as parenting can be at times... what really matters, the things of the LORD!, are really sticking.  Faithful, consistent teaching; living & leading by example is HUGE!!!!!!!!!  And it's hard..
I really appreciate the captive audience I have, we have as parents, at bedtime when we read Scripture, share stories and pray together..
There is something about that happening right at bedtime that one can fall asleep in peace - knowing the LORD is by our side...

Around the house... some Spring Cleaning! is taking place..
As well.  We have been ridding a lot of mice/rodents out of our home.  And Oh!  I have quite a few stories I could share.  And, so could our little Jayne.  She loves it that "Daddy comes to the rescue and will slay the dragon" for her, every. single. time.  "Daddy hit it hard, hard, hard..."she'll say.   He used a wooden mallet type thingy... oh, yes he did!  Hey - if they're not going to take to the traps and they instead choose to just meander around the dining room, s.l.o.w.l.y.  Enough that they can be "taken out" thatta way... then why not?
When they're out of their territory and in mine!  I don't like it..
Welcome to...

I am pondering... every night, our little ones will ask us for a story of when we were a kid!  Almost every time I think of this..
As a youngster, I would get reprimanded for calling other children - kids!  My mom would say.  They are children.  NOT baby goats..
Am I the only one that ever happened to?  I still call my kids, kids... but I do think about it.  Why??

A favorite quote for today... I recently received  a little perpetual calendar, as a gift (from Connie S. thank you!); by Ann Voskamp... ohh, there are some great quotes in there.  I have it tucked up on my kitchen windowsill at the moment where I have plenty of time to read and reread the selected piece for the day.  Here is one that continues to grab my attention: ( I have to flip back to read and reread..)
"I have lived pain and my life can tell:  I only deepen the wound of the world when I neglect to give thanks for early light dappled through leaves and the heavy perfume of peonies in June and the song of crickets on summer humid nights and the rivers that run and the stars that rise and the rain that falls and all the good gifts that a good God gives." ~ Ann Voskamp

One of my favorite things...having now broken the ice, one of my favorite things to do right now is to talk to Kaitlin - on the phone.  And, I'm so not a phone person... at all!  She says, she has plans to change that fact about me..  She just may be right!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Scott is having surgery this week... a periodontal surgery.  He'll be home for a couple of days; recovering - possibly working from home, those days!  There is also a Scouts meeting; a Bible Club meeting (for Caleb) and the making of  Scrapple - planned for Saturday!

A peek into my day...

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  1. Bevy, I love this post... So sorry to hear of the sickness.. and I am a lucky woman like you... Having a husband that will help is wonderful, when my kids (children) lol were little and sick, He would get up with me as well, sometimes I told him its ok, I got it but sometimes if he saw I was tired he would take care of them... and yes it makes the love between a husband and wife closer.. So glad to hear that Spring is popping up where you are as it is here, but we are forcasted for 1-2 inches of Snow by morning...Kylie is thrilled because a possible Snow day... This girl of mine is so homebodied... and I am thankful for that... she loves the quiet, the slow pace of days... and we are on a mission of teaching her homemaking.. this girl is afraid to use a knife, and it was so funny that I bought her a vegetable peeler and she thought it was the coolest thing... and she stood right by my side when I cooked dinner the other night when I made stir-fry.... she will be 16 in May and I have taught her things along the way.. so time will tell... keep her in your prayers..
    Scrapple? please share...

    1. Oops... hit the publish button too early... lol.. anyway, Good luck to Scott with his surgery and know I will be praying for him... and you... and Your welcome and Don't ya just love Ann Voskamp? Unglued, is it a good read? Take care... love and hugs dear girl...

  2. I remember those days of sick kids . Both my boys would pass the germs to one another then they would get better and all would be back to normal ! Back then their father did nothing to help me one reason I ditched him long story on that one but if I was with Papa back then he would of helped as he does now when things are tuff . It is tuff when kids are sick . I hope all of you get better soon . Oh the kids will be thrilled when they find out the fave uncle is moving next door . Hope the surgery goes smoothly and wishing for a speedy recovery ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  3. Awwww!!!! Really?!?! One of your favourite things??? Well...I guess I'll just have to get on it more...seeing as I believe this will be the third time I have wrote to you today!! HA!! ;)

    Wow - I'm so sorry Caleb was so sick!! That must have been exhausting for everyone!!! I am VERY happy to hear you are all doing better!!!!!

    I never thought of the kids thing - mine are kids...and on occasion much like the baby goat variety - especially my toddler who is very interested in climbing on things.... :P

    I can't believe you have GREEN - I feel NO sympathy for your supposed snow fall tomorrow! lol!!! We still have PILES of snow, PILES!!! The kids were sledding today!! But it's warming up and there has been some rain...so some...brown (which will some day be green!) is showing in places...but I think I'm a long way off from seeing daffodils...other then the ones potted and sprouted in my window sill! ;)

    I can't wait to hear what your kiddos will think when they discover their 'new' neighbour?! HEhehehe, exciting!! :D

    Praying Scott has a quick and easy recovery!!!

    Oh and I'm with Connie there - Scrapple???

  4. Peaking into your day was a treat today friend. To spring and daffodils and the growing within the little hearts in your home, and new neighbors!


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