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Monday, April 28, 2014

Gift to Myself

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A couple of weeks ago, now, when my husband had some time off of work - in a "use it or lose it" sort of situation... I was granted a wish of mine; to go off to a local boutique, in our small town, and have a look-see!

I came across this piece...and instantly fell in love!  I just had to bring it home!

I love the quote.
I love the artwork; mixed media, that it is.
I love it hanging in my laundry room!

I appreciate how it reminds me that what I do, in mothering, can be and should be kept as memorable and not resort towards the mundane.  Which is what and where I'm so tempted to go - far too often.

**The gal who handcrafted this art piece - can be found HERE!  Stay tuned for more of this fabulous crafter in the near future.  Ooohhh, I can't wait.  I'm so excited.  Can you tell?

So, I'm curious!  How was your weekend?

I signed up for the {in}RL online conference (planning to watch at home!) and I would be lying to say I wasn't "sorely" disappointed that I had to miss the whole thing.  Yes! I was sad I missed it, but I STILL had a fabulous weekend.
Instead, I was LIVING OUT community {in real life} with the fact that we hosted pretty much my WHOLE entire family (22 of us) here for Sunday Dinner. All but one sister could come!  It basically was our Easter get-together.  While some siblings left early (due to other obligations)- others came later and stayed around for a Stromboli supper.  We were so grateful that the weather was "nice enough" (a little cool, at times) to play outdoor games and visit on and around the front porch.
So, why did I miss the conference?  You can guess.  Prepping food - all Saturday (though I didn't make all of it...we all participated in making/bringing something to contribute) and also attending a Pizza Social, Saturday night, with our church small group.

Very nice!

So, today, I hang more laundry.
And, I relish in the goodness and grace of God ...
For family and friends...
of memories made
and moments alone.

I take these gifts and pin them to the line of my heart.
 Treasures that I do hold oh so dear.


  1. I appreciate your tenderness and style. It's all about memories!
    (I love doing laundry.)

  2. Bevy, love, love the picture... and I think you are living in Community for sure... Sometimes I wish I had more women like you around me but then I think I do its just online... I did watch some of it and it was good, but I had to work all weekend ... Gotta do whatcha gotta do... I am grateful that no matter what time of day, I can come here and be inspired... Now I am gonna search your site for that Stromboli... gonna put that on my grocery list and menus... I had forgotten about it... Hubby would devour it I am sure... Have a wonderful evening... Keep my dad in your prayers, his health is not improving... Nurse tried to flush his dialysis port today, didn't go so well... may have to have it removed and put in another spot.. He is not happy... I fear he is giving up... Thanks...

    1. Awhh... praying for you as you relate with your dad. How hard this may be... all around.

      Did you find the Stromboli recipe? via your search.. let me know if you can't find it.

  3. That is a lovely picture...even if it's of laundry! ;) hahahah!! The quote is really good, I like it! :D Nice that you got to have a little get away! And wow, what a busy house you had - must have been fun too though! :D

  4. I wish I had a community of friends and ladies to hang out with. I live in a small area and it seems I spend most of my time alone. Sounds like you had a full house! I'm glad you enjoyed your time. Blessing to you this week :)

    1. We did have a full house... and we did enjoy our time! Thank you.

      Angie - I'm so glad you stop by here and read. I hope you know You're WELCOME to enjoy "community" here any time you need a friend or a place to hang out. :) May God bless you and your day with HIS abundant peace and JOY!!


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