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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vital to life...

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This was one of those times when I wondered if I shouldn't do this more often. Because.... Apologies are vital to life.  I know that now.  I knew it before... they're just hard to humbly apply to life, aren't they?  Still, vital they are.

It was a rough evening, last night. Partially.  It was mostly me.  I lost it.  I tried really, really hard not to to yell.  But I did.  And it was ugly.

My poor kids.


After a few more minutes of really trying to keep it all together and now, here comes the part where I plant kisses and pray prayers with my littles as they are snuggled into bed.

I knew I HAD to apologize.  And rightly so.  With tear-stained and quavering voice.  I ask for their forgiveness and explain just how ugly that was of Mommy, to be!!

This is the muffled responses I hear - from blankets pulled too close to chin.

"Mom, we still love you." (whispered my five year old, Aubrey)

My six year old son, Caleb, rolls over to the edge of his bunk bed and says...
"Mom, down in your heart... God still loves you! and You're still beautiful".

((tears....pouring as hard the rain outside!))

Exit stage...

Let's just say - as of this morning!! Quite honestly... while it was still raining to beat the band... I swear I saw the SON shining full and bright.  Life is good!  Renewed and afresh!!

The mercies of the Lord.... they are new every morning!  Hallelujah!!

In fact.  For a further glimpse into just how so?  This morning: we were pushing for time just a bit ... the kids needed to brush their teeth and quite frankly we needed to HURRY!! (in order to get my son on the bus on time)... and I hear them upstairs all sing-songy and I'm feeling the "pressure" - as I mount the top steps, keeping my mouth shut... I really hear what they're saying and then, actually see them...

All three of my children are sitting on the side of the bed, arm-in-arm, swaying back and forth in unison as they sing...

So, I joined them!! 

And, guess what? We actually made it to school on time... (at least, the bus!!)

Now, I'm off to making a big batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies for upon their arrival home from school. :)  

Because after all...

Aren't cookies also vital to life?


  1. Thank you.... Great and timely post. Love you!

  2. Aww...so precious. And, yes to both apologies and chocolate chip cookies...they are essential! :) Aren't kids just the BEST when it comes to forgiveness? What a sweet example they are. Hugs, Camille

  3. Bevy, I so saw myself in this post.... I have been there... when things get piled on, piled up and the moment of being overwhelmed just gets ya... One thing I learned was this.... my children are now 22 and soon to be 16, nothing is more important than just letting them be kids, mess and all because all those moments fly by... and a Do-Over is not possible... I look back and I allowed the world to be more important than the time I had with my children.. I thought the more I work, the more money I could make, so I could buy the toys, the name brand clothes, was what they wanted... needed ... but in reality they just needed me, wanted me... I recall when we went on vacation on time, my kids told me (with pure honesty) Mommy I love when you don't work, you laugh more... Oh my, typing that was hard, but true... I always wanted to be a stay at home mom but I didn't trust God enough to do so... and now I know that I should have done things different... So please know, when you get stressed, things piled up , and piled on... that it is still ok to just step back, Enjoy being home and savor every moment that ya can... because nothing stops time... and we as moms don't get Do-Overs... and ya know God knows we will fail when he gives us the privilege of being these babies mom... I know you are a great mom, it shows in your writing, so just know that you are not alone in this walk of motherhood, and your children, my children are so forgiving... loving... and sometimes just that can bring us to our knees... We are blessed... Hugs dear girl... Loved the song...

  4. And I forgot to say... what a wonderful way to say I love you with Cookies... :)

    1. Connie - Can I just give you a HUGE hug, right now? Here. {{HUGS}}

      Thank you!! Thank you, for your kind thoughts and constant encouragement. I learn so much from you.

      I know these moments of "trial" are going to come around again,and again (already have!)... because that too is life. And, yet GOD"S GRACE (his mercy and kindness) follows us all our days...and goes before us. It covers and keeps us. I remind myself of this daily...

      Thank you for reading here. I appreciate it.

    2. Bevy, thanks for the HUGS... and know I am just speaking from experience... sad to say on somethings... but we are human, we fail, and we pick back up and start again.. and its all with God's help... and so ya know even though I am only a reader, some days your writing is like a big hug to me... and OH some days I need that... Have a great day, and I hope the sun is shining where you are... It is a in and out day here but I will take it... at least its not raining or storming... I am blessed...

  5. This was such a great post. I don't have kids, but I do work with the public and sometimes they can get on my nerves so bad. Sometimes I am not so nice to my co-workers when I am frustrated. To go to them and apologize is humbling. But needed. A couple of weeks ago I taught a Bible study concerning viewing people with the compassion of Christ. How does Jesus see others? Did He love them enough to give His life for them? To go to the cross for them? Then how can I do less. It has really helped me to look at things differently. My husband always says the teacher learns the lesson twice: once preparing and once teaching. This is a lesson I have learned and hopefully am applying to my life more than I have in the past. I think by apologizing to your kids (a hard thing to do) you showed them your love as well as Christ's and their response was so heartwarming. They showed it right back to you.

    Cute song. I have never heard it before. Love to you, Bevy.


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