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Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Close

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When I think of the word close... I think of something tight.  
Tight can be a beautiful thing.. Sometimes.

In the world of peonies... these buds are meant to be tight until 
opened naturally with ants.


Ants??  yes.  These little pesky buggers are just that... in my opinion. Pesky buggers.  But I get to thinking about relationships and friendships- those budding relationships only truly come alive as we allow "buggers" and moments of irritations work in and through our lives.  In a way, there is a closeness that needs to come undone.. and be nurtured.  We need to allow those those moments to be apart of our lives and our stories.
If we completely rid those ants off of peony bushes - the buds never fully open.
Why do we try to avoid the closeness of relationships?  
They're so helpful for building one another up!



I thought I would try something new and different today - linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker, and Five Minute Friday.  It's my first time doing so... so thank you for reading along.

Five Minute Friday


Have a wonderful weekend!
 Happy Memorial Day, on Monday!


  1. What a beautiful reminder that through the trials and "ants" in our lives, something gorgeous can bloom! It reminds me of a book I read one time "Relationships: A Mess Worth Making." I loved reading this post today! Thank you for the encouragement. :) -Mandi

  2. What a beautiful illustration of relationships! I love it! :) Stopping by from FMF! :)

  3. You made me smile today... and your post is right on the mark... Happy Friday.... Enjoy your weekend.... xo

  4. Yup ya put a smile on my face to ! Great post and photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  5. The ants are just beginning to open my peonies too!


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