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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday's Finds :: Chair // Five Minute Friday :: Belong

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How to marry these two meme's together? 
Here goes!
Welcome friends,  to both Friday's Finds and Five Minute Friday!
  Five Minute Friday
Friday's Finds :  featuring a find of no particular value or sentiment, no reason or rhyme and yet, exactly for all those reasons just mentioned.

This morning while running errands; dropping my older daughter off at camp and heading toward the bank, I saw this older looking chair out by the side of the road. With a sign...


I knew I had an open van and room enough to "pick it up" and bring it home.
That is.  If it wasn't broken.  If it was.  Would it be fixable?
I liked it, immediately, at my first glance.
But, I drove by...
thinking!  If it's still there - on my way back, past.  I'll stop.

You see... I struggle to stop - for free!
I worry.  What will people think of me hauling off someone else's "trash"?
I wrestled.  It could be my newest treasure!!!

I came home to discover this prompt for Five Minute Friday.  The word is: belong!
How ironic, is that?


So, the chair is home!
Here is where it belongs.
Jayne and I looked it over, it appears fine.
We dusted it off.
And, now... I'm sitting on it.  Writing to you... and all who read.

It belongs.

I got to thinking how this relates to me as a treasure of God.
I once was abandoned?
Left to ....whatever?
On the sidelines...
I just needed someone to pull over.  To stop!
Set aside their cares and concerns and think of me!
I needed someone to carry me home!

I belong!

So, do you!
As a part of God's family.  We are accepted.  Brought in!
We are HIS treasure...

It's a comfortable place to be.
A good sit.  A good fit.

Five Minute Friday is being hosted over at Crystal Stine's blog today!  Join in, with us. You're welcome, to do so.  All the how-to's are explained there...

As well, have a wonderful weekend.  And, God bless!
Wait.  One more thing.  Here is another song on my heart and mind...
Kind of perfect with this post today.
Hope you enjoy!



  1. Awesome God, Awesome You, Awesome Chair and Awesome Song.... Blessings to you as well Bevy....

  2. I love the image of the chair as a place of belonging. Yes, we all know that cast-aside feeling, don't we? So grateful for the Love of God that says we are home. Happy to have met you through FMF today. :-)

  3. What a beautiful post. And we can never ponder enough how in our deepest 'abandonment' we've been redeemed and are cherished by Him who loves us.
    I'm so glad the chair is now a prized possession in your home, and has whispered the sweet 'belong' song in your hearts. Blessings for a wonderful weekend, Dotti :)

  4. Just came across your blog. Beautifully written post. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


  5. Like your *free* chair...we've found some great things that way! And...how precious it is to belong to our Saviour!! What a wonderful thought! Hugs, Camille

  6. Awww!! This was beautiful!! And I love the chair!!!

  7. I have always said that God uses my love and passion for repurposing on people too.. I loved running a rescue mission...homeless shelter.. lots of folks discarded...set out..forgotten... thougt to be useless...i love encouraging those individuals in the Lord.. Many times it is just about stopping..taking notice..letting them know someone cares enough to pick them up.. We are all as filthy rags if not for the grace of God which made provision for our sins..love that God sees the potential in us...not the mistakes in us.. Love reading this.. Blessings!


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