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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mugs & Muffins :: Would you come - if you could?

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With one month down into the start of the New Year, It has dawned on me that I've been holding out on an idea that I've been wanting to implement for awhile and well...here we are! The saying is true: Time flies when you're having fun!
 Let's not wait any longer.  I just need to take a deep breath and give it a chance - to see what may come of it!

You all know that this is the home of the virtual Mugs & Muffins...and I know it is a post that is thoroughly enjoyed and mostly well received... for which I am grateful!  

***If you're new here, you can read HERE to learn more if you feel you don't know what this is all about!!
What if we could do this for real??
This idea (with some reservation, still) came to me one day that I should really open wide my front door and make it a true-to-life experience. An actual set aside time of "living this out"... and yet it makes me nervous-giddy to think of this.  That level of vulnerability and humility - if you know what I mean?  However, it is exciting... and if I must, I'll be the first to let you know... I still have room (a lot of room!) to grow in the realm of hospitality.
I'm a little out of practice.  And, we are called to practice... aren't we?
(Romans 12:13b)

The thing is, is that seating is limited.  I can only comfortably host 6-8 ladies at most (Okay, maybe 10, if we squish!) and childcare is limited, as well...if even available at all.  I'm still working on all the fine details - regarding the time and date, etc.  I can't decide if I would want this to be a morning, an early afternoon - over lunch for a lite lunch, or an evening. I'm leaning towards during the day; during the week!  Muffins work best in the AM - yes?

My house may not be ready, but my heart is.  Come on in!!

Obviously, this would only be open to local friends and readers on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I will inform when the space is filled...as well, please know...I will not like the idea of having to turn anyone away - due to space limitations.  AHHHH!!
What is local?  I'll let you decide what you deem as local.  If you feel 1, 3 or 6 hours away is "okay" with you - then by all means, feel welcome to come!
 However, I will say this... and this is important!!

One of the stipulations I would have is that I would have to at least "recognize" you as a regular reader/commenter on this blog and, or know your face personally.  And - any fine details (meaning travel directions and address, etc.) would only come via email... never, NEVER here on the blog!

I'm just looking for a time of sitting down and chatting it up over a cup of coffee or hot tea and literally passing around the plate of muffins (plus!!) ...sharing the pulse-rate of stories that matter ~ whatever is on our hearts for the day.  There might even be a GIVEAWAY - here, too!!  Oh, the possibilities...are endless.

Would you do me a favor?
Let me know if you would consider coming to something like this.  I am thinking of doing this sometime soon and want to know if I should take the idea and run with it, or if I should just let it go.

The next online Mugs & Muffins will be hosted on Monday, February 16th!

It is after Valentine's Day but, we'll still be having a Valentine theme with
a red & white Giveaway to go along!  I simply cannot wait...

In the meantime, I would love, LOVE to hear your thoughts regarding having an
in real life Mugs & Muffins event.  Would you come - if you could?
Thank you, so much!


  1. Oh Bevy, this is a great idea... Would I come? Yes, but it is over 8 hours away for me.. so I hope someone would take my spot if accepted.. It would be a blessing for sure to meet you and have a wonderful conversation with a nice big Muffin... might not be a wise choice for my diabetes.. but I would at least taste... lol... Anyway, I hope you decide to do this... I always admired how you had ladies over for breakfast on certain Saturdays... its about being in COMMUNITY... I will be praying for you.... excited to see what you decide... maybe then afterwords you could post a little about it all... so exciting... XO

    1. Connie - I knew you would be a HUGE cheerleader of this idea. You have no idea how sad it makes me that we live so far apart... I want to meet you, too! It would be such a blessing. If never here on earth - one day in heaven, for sure!

      You're right! It is about community and I'm glad you're willing to keep me in prayer regarding this. Thanks again, for your vote of confidence. I can feel it!!

    2. Did you ever watch inrl conference? I did and loved it... so you are doing a great thing... OH YES bevy, God is in this.... I can feel it... YOU GO GIRL... and think of what you would be demonstrating to your kiddos... learning in progress...

  2. I feel your excitement! I got excited when I read your thoughts on gathering.
    I can't come because I'm on the other side to the country ~sigh~
    (But what about Skype? Just a thought.)
    I'm with Connie, be sure to do a post for those of us who can't make it!

    1. OOHHH!! What a great idea... although, I don't have Skype. (may have to work on that!!) but, I do like the idea of doing a post-post on the "gathering" - as you call(ed) it, LOVE!! - and so that may be a HUGE possibility.

      What a great idea. And - oh, I long for the day when I would ever have a chance to meet you face-to-face, one day. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
      I wish you lived closer..(sigh!)

  3. I would come! Of course, it would have to be when I am not 17 hours away, but if you host one when I am around, I would DEF consider coming! Sounds like a lovely opportunity to meet new faces and enjoy some great conversation. :)

    ps - I gave the cookbook to my mother... I hope she remembers to bring it to you!

    1. Yeah!! Amanda!! somehow I have feeling... IF this really does happen and take off like I'm hoping for... that it won't be a once and done thing. That there'll be opportunities to share the time around - for whenever it suits folks to come!!

      PS: I'll be thinking of you over the next month - please, be safe and enjoy your time!! I'll be seeing your mom one of these days - soon! Hopefully, she'll get a chance to pull from that cookbook, too!


  4. I would if I could, Bevy.. It would be so much fun .. So sweet of you to come up with this plan and I hope it will be a great success.. I know it would be such a blessing.. xo

  5. Well, I am close enough and I would be interested. It all depends on time (because I work full-time), how the weather is, and how health is in our family. But I am interested.

    1. Oh - Kathy!! This would be so great... do you ever have time off or if you knew ahead of time that you could "arrange" time off or how does it work?? ((we can email)) Perhaps only Saturday's would work for you? Again, this is all in the works... but, I would love for us to meet and we have talked about this in the past. Fingers crossed that some how, some way we could make this "happen". I hope!!

  6. You have the grandest of ideas, dear Bevy! You really do! I got so excited reading about it...and wishing that we lived closer so that I could be a part of it all. I will look forward to hearing more about this. xo Dianna

  7. I wish I lived close by. Its sounds like a lot of fun. I would definitely come if I lived near you. May you have joy, and I will love hearing all about it.

  8. I to wish I lived closer I would help you set up and what not or even take turns at my house . I think this sounds wonderful I think you should do it why not it could become a wonderful thing like my mum always told how do you know till you try lol ! Good luck hope all goes well ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. You KNOW I'd be there...and if I had a passport I WOULD be!!! :) So I'll just wait until you come to me to coffee in person! :D And yes, to answer you (from my blog) OF course you guys are still welcomed! Job or no job!! ♥

  10. Bevy! I would come! Ladies let me say, as one who has already been blessed by Bev's hospitality, she is such a gracious and welcoming host. If you are able I so encourage you to take her up on her offer. You won't be disappointed!

    1. Oh Lindsay--- thank you!! You are such a sweet heart!! I hope this means to say - that you'll definitely come if it works out for you. :)

      I'm praying so...

  11. Well, since I beep the horn at you some mornings at 8am, you know I'm heading to work... but I would come if I didn't!!!!! ALL LADIES OUT THERE! - take Bevy up on this!!! Go, Bevy, and be a blessing... as always. :)

  12. Hi Bevy - I would definitely try to come! Love the idea!


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