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Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome, 2015!

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Happy New Year!

Full of blessing abundant and overwhelming.  Mistakes just the same.
I've been thinking of this... this, factor.
Mistakes and do-overs are just as necessary to embrace and as well the intention of getting it right in the first place.

Here we are.  One day down - of this New Year!  2015.
If I look back on yesterday.. I would say we plowed through it like a steamroller pushing its unexpected and unintended agenda.
At the end of the day..I could have gotten stuck on that fail or I could have embraced what really was laid behind us.  We forged a trail.. a path... with a nose to follow.  Imperfect as it was... may it be a road worth taking.. should someone follow closely behind.  

ha! I make it sound like it was the worst day of the year! :)

Honestly, it wasn't that bad.  It was just different than expected.
But it called me to something.

The stretch of flexibility.  The willing heart to ride the wave. The close-of-the-eye, the suck-in-of breath, exhaling around the bend... with the intention of moving only forward.

If it wasn't for the ONE I walk beside.  We walk beside...together!!
  I can't imagine life without my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


“Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you.
We should regret our mistakes and learn from them,
but never carry them forward into the future with us.”
~ L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

So, we welcome - 2015!!
Whether we want to or not.

Let me ask YOU this question - it's one I ask myself.  

Will mistakes be your yearning, learning curve?  
How will you go forward in this new year?


  1. Sometimes I wonder if what I view as a mistake isn't just the leading of the Lord into a different pathway. He is always so faithful to not only take us through things, but to walk right there beside us (as you said!).

    I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you and your family.

  2. :) Mmm, I hope so! "For I delight in my weaknesses..." Happiest of new years!

  3. Love it...the stretch of flexibility! I have lived this way the last year and forever in all honesty! Enjoyed my visit!

  4. I'm taking it day by day.
    And if I can't do that, hour by hour.
    If I can't do that, 5 minutes by 5 minutes.

    Happy New Year Bevy!
    Good stuff to ponder....

  5. Your picture is lovely of your home Bevvy. I must say I hope for a peaceful and patient heart this year. One that doesn't rush through but slows down and has the chance to smile at all the everyday things.

    Glad you used the quote ;)

  6. Bevy, Happy New Year.... and of all words to talk about... Mistakes... My son and I just had a little talk about Mistakes... He is struggling with his marriage.. at the moment he and his wife are apart.. he told me that he was and it was a mistake.. I told him Mistakes arent mistakes at the time, they are choices that we make... sometimes they turn out good and sometimes they dont... and when they dont they become stepping stones in our journey of life.. I know he loves her but he needs a helpmeet... he said he is so physically tired of trying to handle it all.. He is only 23 and makes very, very good money in his job and she told him he needed a better job with more money.. He loves where he works and laughs all the time at work, hours are great.. She had a job, lost it and has her own bills but isnt worried about how they will get paid... Of course he helps her as much with her bills as he can but he was in debt way before he married, cars, college etc... Not sure of what the outcome is gonna be, but he did tell me he didnt want to be married to her anymore.. Yesterday they did however talk alittle.. I worry about if they do get back together that she will do what she has done in the past, and tell him one thing and do another.. They both need God in their life but neither of them want to talk about that.. due to the pressure her family instills in every visit home.. I share and pray.. I dont badger... dont get me wrong, I so wish God was first in their life and marriage but I cant make it happen for them.. So please pray for salvation for them both, and pray for their marriage.. and pray that the feeling he has that it was a Mistake and He is a mistake goes away.. (she told him he was a mistake of being here) and so ya know, I have been good... I have been quiet and just listened with out any negativity towards her.. and I am human and his mother... so hard to do.. I just pray a bit harder and longer... :) Thanks for your friendship and Great Post for the New Year... XO

    1. Didnt realize I told another story... gotta work on that... ;)

    2. Oh Connie... I'm so glad you shared your heart here today. Upon reading this... I immediately prayed a prayer for you and your family, this morning. For one, I prayed that there would be peace in both your heart and home. What an opportunity you have to be a shining light of Jesus and you are!! He is with you!! Have no fear!! God is faithful to sustain you and grant you wisdom!!

    3. Bevy, just to update you... My son and his wife are trying to work things out. He told me this morning he was gonna try. I have just been supportive and he knows I am here . Her family are against it but at least they are trying. Keep them in your prayers... I sure am... Love ya

    4. I'm sorry...but I read your comment Connie and I am VERY happy to hear that your son and his wife are trying to work things out!! And I'm sorry her family is against it! I will pray for them! <3

  7. Sorry your new year was off to such a rough start! Seems a lot of us had less then usual starts to our new years! Nothing really on my end...just didn't feel like new years day! Praying it only gets better....I mean, I KNOW your Spring is going to be AMAZING! ;) Blessings to you Bevy!!!

    Oh and as for your question, not sure how i will go forward...learning from mistakes....I think I see where He will be there to change us, if I'm willing....that's the hard part...a willing heart! One day at a time...that's all I can do...I think that will be my mantra! ;) :)


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