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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter White - Where are you?

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I doubt I'm the only one -  keeping Christmas (err, in my case Winter!) decor up and going, am I?

I have been feeling "stuck" as to putting all away. I am working on it. Ever so SLOWLY!!
Something tells me this is the way I feel every year... that there is this struggle to return it all to its boxes.  When most of our decor is wintery - meaning, all snowmen and snowflakes and greenery... it still just feels right - that it should stay out and around a little longer.

That's on one hand... on the other.. I know it bugs my hubby to keep it up any too much longer and so, even though he don't say much, I can tell.

It's time!


I think I'm holding out for the outdoors to look as white and stay that way - as long as it did last year! - and now... I just lost all my readers with that statement.   Oops!!

So, am I the only one?


  1. No, Bevy, you're not the only one! I wish we'd have snow like we did last year. I still have a lot of my snowmen sitting around in the house and was still playing Christmas music this morning. I just can't give it up!! :-)

  2. You didn't lose this reader. I'm ready for some snow days!

  3. Bevy, it takes more than that to lose me... lol... I think this past Christmas was the first in our Marriage that I took the tree and all the trimmings down before New Years. We love Christmas but living in Florida for 8 years changed me a bit... Even though I live in Kentucky now, I dream of the sunshine. Hubby likes the 4 seasons and I do too but I only want about 2 days of each and then give me the heat and sun... So am I dreaming of the white stuff, NO but I do think its beautiful.. and this year I think was pushed forward by myself entering the College scene and I wanted my house back to normal so life would move along.. Take care hugs dear girl...

  4. I prefer snow to all the ice we have right now!! I like snow in the winter, especially on the sunny days!!! But as for the decorations....you're alone there - I LOVE to pack everything up RIGHT after Christmas!! My new year rings in fresh and clean!!!! BUT don't forget, I start MUCH earlier then you - with our Thanksgiving being over in October!!

  5. I have one cup that my grandson gave me for Christmas a few years ago. He bought it at a yard sale, still in the box. He was about 10 and he was so proud to give me something he spent his own money for. It has cardinals on it...and I somehow manage to be able to keep it out longer than the rest of the Christmas decorations. :)

  6. Christmas is gone, but winter decorations are still there. I don't want snow. None at all. I hate driving to work in the snow and ice. And since I have cold induced asthma, going out in the cold HURTS. So give me all three of the other seasons and I am fine. BUT I will take whatever God sends my way.

  7. Well, I would like to chime in that I DO like the look of snow and the quiet it brings. BUT I am truly a SPRING girl if there ever was one, it's my absolute favorite season of all and in my eyes it's perfect. Birds chirping, sweet breezes, longer days, not too many bugs yet, sun shining. Dirt under my fingernails, bare feet, flowers, seeds, gardens; and rebirth; oh my! I can't wait! : )

  8. Bevy, I had to come back an re comment... ;) since this topic is of the white stuff... Well yesterday afternoon and last night we got about 3 inches of Snow... yep, the white stuff... I had to work today, so hubby drove me and I was able to enjoy the beauty of how it details the trees, bushes and landscapes... the actual only reason I do not care for it so much is because I work and have to drive at times in it.. I am lucky though because Ron always takes me where ever if he is off work.. I really panic when I drive and few years back I slid into someones yard and just about hit a tree... so I havent drove in it much... and I am with Johanna, I cannot wait until SPRING,,, then its SUMMER... my favorite season... hope you didnt get too much snow...


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