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Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Open

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It is both fun and challenging to take part in this community of writers, who willingly take on the challenge of taking just five minutes to write out their thoughts, their hearts, on a one-word prompt.

To understand what this is all about - click on Kate's button, posted below, for more info!!  All are welcome!

Today's prompt is: Open

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As we sat down to dinner, one evening, we began to reach for each other's hands - so we could pray and ask God His blessing on our meal, our hearts and our home.
This is what we've done since day one of marriage and in the start of building our home.  We form a circle... saying "we agree!". We're together!! We're one!!

One evening - already alluded to - this wasn't going to happen for our three year old.  Something, someone, moments prior had offended her.. and she wasn't willing to join the circle.  When she did come around.. the hand she placed into her Daddy's hand was a closed fist.

Oh, so close!  But, she was still missing the mark, wasn't she?

How many times do we do this very same thing with God our Heavenly Father?  We come with all the motions in place - but not fully.  We come with clenched fists.  Our hearts aren't open and so we can neither give our praise nor receive His blessing.

Obviously, we needed to walk and talk with our young daughter that this wasn't okay.  She needed to come to a place of forgiveness... and oh, how hard to have a three year old understand.

Open heart = Open Hand.

Forgiveness = For Giving

May we all be open to growing in this area... of our lives!!
:: stop::

May you have a wonderful, and warm weekend!!

Richest Blessings...to you and yours.


  1. Great Parents!!!
    A hard lesson when you are so young. Happy she has parents who understand and are willing to teach.

  2. I love the look of your blog! And I see your point using your daughter as an example of our own struggles with our Heavenly parent. Thank-you for the uplift.

  3. Love this Five Minute Friday.... I can see her little fist so tightly closed...but at least she put her hand in her daddy's.... that's the first step, handing it over...even if its slowly... Loved this...

  4. I'm sure thankful for forgiveness and grace when I clench my fists!

  5. A clenched fist is such a good picture of how we sometimes approach God. We want it our way even when going through the motions of obedience. Thanks for this illustration.

  6. Lovely post, Bevy and such true words.. Your family look so sweet in the pictures on the left.. They grow so fast.. Have a great weekend, dear.. xo


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