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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When Mama aint' happy, ain't nobody happy!

.. .. ... .. ... .. ... .. .... .. .. ..... . .. .. .... .. . . ..  . ..

Any guesses what's going on around here?

It's ear-rritating!

Thank you, kindly, for your thoughts and prayers!


  1. Praying for comfort and healing for illness in your family.

  2. Hope all get better and feel better soon !

  3. Hope everyone feels better. We use natural ear drops from Similasan and they work really well. Take Care!


  4. Ah-Oh!
    Not good.
    Sending up prayers for you.

  5. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers... Just a little bit of an in-depth update:

    It is still not over for me. I'm still having ear pain... and it's also settled into one of my molars (a tooth I've been having issues with) and so, I've been doing all of the above (what you see in the photo) with the warm heating pad, cotton ball soaked in either tea tree oil or basil essential oil... as well as over--the-counter pain med...warm olive oil and garlic drops...and rest!!
    There for awhile anything hot to eat or drink was excruciatingly painful...but thank the LORD - that has gone away. Tea and Coffee can go down - bringing their own form of comfort. ((sigh!)) Today - Wednesday, the 25th- has been the best I've felt for a couple of days... then I again, I say that with "aleve" in my system. :)

    Last week - Caleb (our 7yr old) had it. Doing the exact same regiment above - one day, while switching out his cotton ball... a HUGE ball of wax fell out of his ear. The size of a peanut - I have never seen anything like it.. coming out on its own in that sizable of amount. He completely felt better! end of story. But, he says to me... Mom - you're just being a copycat... and now you have what I have. I'm like "dude... you gave this me! You can take it back, any day.. this is SO not fun!
    Whatever it was that fell out of your ear... man, we could start up and have a candle factory with all of that..." - he thought that was funny! I'm glad he is better... that was no fun ... the lack of sleep and him being woken up OFTEN throughout the night, etc. I had called the Dr's, on behalf of Caleb - and because there was really no fever it was decided to let it run it's course...

    I'm on the mend now too...and again, I thank you for your prayers.

  6. Wow! That's some crazy stuff Bevy! I pray you are feeling MUCH better!!! OR ALL better!!!?! Heal up the ear, we need a phone chat again soon! ♥


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