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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dear Kaitlin, Dave and family ... {and, for whoever else wants to read about our recent family vacation}

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UPDATED To ADD:  After you're finished reading here, you may just want to take a few moments and go read Kaitlin's version of our time together, as well.  Her post is ... well.... simply amazing! Her photos, her words, her heart - all of it are awesome! Click HERE!
Dear Friends,
It is hard to believe it's been a week since we arrived to your home, in a different country (Canada!), to spend our family vacation-time, with yours.  I'm sitting here, tonight, in the quiet of an Eastern PA, Friday night, sipping on what seems like really "weak" coffee in my memories of our time together and I'm missing you.  I can't tell you - how many times we've mentioned your names since we're back home!

Our kids are all in bed, as I type - as yours probably are, as well!  Sound asleep - hopefully.  You smile at the memory of that first night - our kids so super-duper excited about spending time at friends they've just met and to have a sleep-over, for five sleeps in a row. :)  They could hardly settle - nor, when morning came could they stay sleeping longer than 6 - 6:30AM. 

The time was pure bliss for everyone.  Your humility... your selflessness through this whole time... simply amazing!

So many fun activities were planned.  And, some were not.  The weather played a HUGE factor on the events of our days.  Sunshine, MUD, Rain, SNOW!!  We had it all.  We spent time.. and oh the fellowship was sweet.  Hours of visiting.  Repeated and I mean back-to-back cups of coffee. Table games to be played and lots of laughter.  Gifts to be exchanged...
Did I mention the meals?  No - I haven't.  UHMMM...  DELICIOUS - in every way possible.  Wow!

Among the best of our memories were the interaction of "expressions"... meaning, What do you call this or that -and, oh!... well... we say it this way.  Etcetera.  And - our son - positively SURE that he was going to learn to speak Canadianese by the time our visit was over...  He didn't do too bad, eh?

We went shopping - fun!!!.  Toured the countryside; sightseeing historic places.  We found a Maple Syrup farm, to tour.  We helped put up firewood...splitting and hauling it into your basement.  We attended your church for Sunday (Easter!) Service and met some of your dearest of friends.  Discovering a doppelganger of one of our own dear friends - here in the states! Ha!! How crazy fun was that!?!?!  I just want to add... that meeting these friends of yours - was just an added depth to knowing you.  Another level of who you really are.  That was really neat to see!

We were so glad to have thought to bring all the snow clothes and winter boots for the kiddos.  Can we say - LIFE SAVER!!  - and thank you, thank you, thank you for the multiple usage of your washer and dryer.  Can we say, yet again, another LIFE SAVER?  Wow!!

Your home was such a sweet place of rest.  We felt so relaxed and at home.  Kaitlin and Dave! You both have a beautiful gift of hospitality. And, it was evident - the moment we walked in your front door.  We didn't want to leave.  You didn't want us to leave - either!!

It still seems so surreal that we were there - in your home, and with your family!  We are so glad we've made the journey...a friendship path that hopefully will come round full circle and that one day - you'll find you and your family, here in the States, visiting us!!  We love you!! and again... you are being missed greatly!!

These cups of coffee and bowls of ice-cream (with pretzels) just don't feel the same as we sit in our living room, here this evening...  :(

((sigh)) How to wrap this up...??

The hardest part of this whole thing is to now look through the many, many photos we took, on our vacation - and to figure on how to condense them to make this a reasonable length of post and to not overwhelm any other person reading this.

So - to be fair.  There is nothing left but to tell you I have a TON of photos... to browse through.  Don't say you haven't been warned. :)

I have tried to keep some semblance of our time spent with our dear friends - true to time and in order... but, really... that was near next to impossible.


Here is Kaitlin of Homemaker Design...
Holding a "welcome sign" that the kiddo's made for us... :)

We tried to get family photos...and this was our intent.  Kaitlin - took ours!  But - I can't find the photo - I'll update here, when I can!!

A typical moment ...in, of and during our visit.  GREAT FELLOWSHIP!!!
My most favorite of photos - but the saddest one, ever.  Saying Good-bye...

Heading home... stopping for some of that Canadian $5.00 and change per gallon of gas.. :)

So, we left Canada in a snowstorm and arrived home, seven hours, or so, later - to 70* weather, and kids happy to find their bikes.

There is still nothing quite like home!!!

What a wonderful, wonderful time!  And, I'm truthfully still at a loss for words on how to end this post well...

It's not a "Good-bye" - rather, more like ... until we meet again!  Thank you, so much, again... for sharing your hearts and home with us!!  You are loved.

{Scott, Bevy, Caleb, Aubrey and Jayne}


  1. Oh wow....looks and sounds like an amazing trip. Thank you for posting ALL those gorgeous photos.


  2. I agree with Connie -- it sounds amazing. I can hear your heart in this post. Thanks for all the pictures. I loved seeing them.

  3. Oh my Bevy, Looks like it was a meeting meant to be... Kaitlin looks to be a lovely host.. and her home was beautiful.. the countryside was beautiful.. and how the children were all together was precious.. So many things ran through my head as I read this beautiful post.. such as could I be a host like that? I wish I could sat YES, but even as I read about all of this my heart raced a bit.. I have never been one to entertain, even things as simple as cookouts, birthday parties, or any type of gatherings.. I have always been the one that even dreaded going to those things as well... many reasons but as an adult I chose not to.. BUT this does strike a chord in my heart, just like your breakfast with your lady friends I am always in AWE of how it looks so amazing and peaceful by your photos... And so ya know, I really, really enjoyed that you shared all of this goodness.. This post definitely has my heart pounding and that is a good thing... I have got to learn to step out of the Boat... have faith and share life before its gone... :) shew.... One last thing, I loved the bench on their porch... oh my I think I am gonna show the hubby this one.. I have a perfect place for one like that.. and as I type this I can feel God tugging at my heart.. Thanks again for sharing, and know your friendship is a blessing... and I am so glad you girls met... Have a wonderful weekend... glad and thankful you made it back to the states safely... HUGS

    1. should have said "say" not "sat" YES... oh my word,,

    2. Connie! If you want my little ol' advice - forget 'entertaining' and just focus on hospitality! I used to get all worried about having people in because 'entertaining' was just so...stressful. But when I realized the difference between entertaining someone and being hospitable it is much easier! Hospitality is about making someone feel at home, welcomed and appreciated - so just do whatever it is you would usually do. I made meals for the Silvers that I would make for my family, nothing fancy and nothing that would stress me out. When you try to 'entertain' someone it becomes a show and this IS stressful. So just be your lovely self and invite someone in. Have a cup of coffee (or tea) and a chat and a listen - that's hospitality and that's what people really need! ♥ OH and you are welcomed here any time too! :)

    3. Ok... I have tried to comment 3 times and lost all comments.. so here goes Kaitlin, you are amazing to invite someone you don't even know into your home... God has to be leading all this.. Maybe someday I will give it a try, but today Umm... not sure.. anyway, looks like your visit was amazing, and the friendship that has formed shines through brightly... anyway, have a great weekend, and your comment was so sweet...

  4. Glad you had a wonderful visit. Lovely photos! I think David and Kait are pretty special too.

    1. Anita.. I was tickled pink to get to meet you and I so badly wished we found that chance to take a photo of the three of us - you, me and Kaitlin. You're a sweet Grandma to Kaitlin's "littles"... it's easy to see!

      God bless..

  5. wow.. sounds like you had a memorable time that will stay with you forever :)

    1. Just like the many, many visits - when we came your way. :) Miss you, too - my friend!!

  6. Aww, geee....where do I start? First, let me wipe the tears from my eyes! Oh Bevy, it WAS such a wonderful time. I just knew it was going to be great but it was so, SO much better then I anticipated!! I haven't wrote my post yet...mostly because I don't want to admit it's over already! ;) Actually they last couple of days I keep thinking about, "When Scott and Bevy come..." but then remember you have been and gone. *sigh* We keep talking about ya'll too! Olivia is preparing for our visit to you already! lol!! You're photos are fabulous and I love all the ride home ones too!!!! You're family photo is on the flash drive I gave you...it SHOULD be there - if not, I can email it to you! :) It was so easy to have you all here, so natural! And yes, the fellowship was fantastic and there certainly are many more hours to spend in it!! :D God bless you all, each of you is loved by us!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. hee... hee. I knew I'd make ya cry a tear or two. I meant every.single.word. of it all...

      That flashdrive - yeah!! It's somewhere. LOST! Or, at least it isn't where Scott said he put it last. :) So - one of these days we'll come across it, I'm sure. We have to! Because you're photos are even way better in my opinion. :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I have been anticipating this post... it looks even more lovely than I imagined. What a blessing. :)

  9. Finally got my post up!! :D



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