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Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday, Caleb!! (updated with photos) :: Five Minute Friday:: Blue

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It's at the end of the day.
It's been a packed one and yet a normal day!
Still a school day.  Running errands... and preparing (both mentally and physically) for an event which will be held tomorrow evening.
I'm super-duper tired and one busy mama. :)

The thing so unique and special about this day
is that this here young man has a birthday today!

Caleb is now 8 years of age.

We plan to celebrate his birthday a bit differently than normal.  Usually, it's only family!  Which can become quite the gathering - with just my side of the family.

This year he got to choose - up to 10 friends (though not all are able to come!) and we'll hold it at our home with a lot of backyard fun and games.  Part of the plan includes remote control vehicle races...
flying remote controlled helicopters and camping overnight in tents.  This of course requires popcorn and snacks and a movie projected off the side of the barn.

A hot dog bar and Baked Mac and Cheese, for dinner, as well as a Breakfast buffet in the morning - of all of Caleb's favorite foods
He's requested a chocolate cake - a certain one that has roots from the south! (friends of ours introduced us...to this one!) with Ice Cream cones, to boot!
In fact, this morning.
I dropped off 24 cupcakes to his school for his birthday treat.  He wanted baseballs.
No photo - because they looked terrible (in all honesty, I forgot!) because I do not have a steady hand in cake decorating.   I told him the squiggly looking lines of red - which were to represent the seams/stitches of a baseball - could be imagined as a fastball pitch coming in down the pike!

He liked that idea.

No wonder.  He's all about baseball right now.
To close out our day, today - we pretty much just came home from one of his games!  Soon to be one of the last of the season!!
He played great tonight!  Pitched a few innings. And, even got a few 2-base hits.

He's really having fun!
Essentially, the coach has said that Caleb has become the "most-improved player" of the team. And - to top it off - was also picked to play on the All-Star team... for one game!  That was exciting...
Here are some photos of that particular game!

And, because tonight it was his birthday - and, of course, for several specific plays... he was awarded a second game ball - in his first year (so far!) of playing ball.

Do you see his shirt?  Do you wonder why - when he got to pick his number - he happened to pick #8?
He has been waiting and waiting and waiting for this big birthday to come up!  
Well - here it is!!
Anyone want to guess what my son's favorite color is?  You guessed it right!!  Blue... is his all time favorite color!  And - the name of their team?  The Blue Sharks!!

((linking up with Kate and the Five Minute Friday group of writers who all write on a one-word prompt. Today's word was BLUE.  This week probably shouldn't have counted for me to join in... but, I just had to!))
We're so proud of you, son!
Happy Birthday!!
You are loved and you keep our life so, so interesting and full of fun and surprise!
We thank God for you - every day! And, pray that you will continue to seek hard after God!
That you will be a young man known for integrity, kindness and humility!
Bold and brave is the meaning of your name!  Be that ... for the Lord!
UPDATED TO ADD: with only some photos from the birthday celebration.
 Believe it or not.  We weren't able to capture everything!  We even missed getting one of the cake.  Oh well.



  1. Happy Birthday Caleb... I think its so cool that you chose a fun day with movie on a barn, camping, remote contol car races... Super Cool stuff... Enjoy your day and know you are a blessing... Have fun and eat that chocolate cake and ice cream cones... Bevy, he is so adorable... reminds me of my brother at that age... he loved baseball... Get some rest friend... :)

  2. Happy Birthday Caleb! Great post to add to a scrapbook. Fun fun fun! Visiting you from #fmfparty

  3. Happy birthday, Caleb! Eight years old already. Hope you have lots of fun at your party. It sounds like a great time.

  4. What a sweet trbute to Caleb! Blessings to you Momma for raising such a fine young man. I know he appreciates all the work you have put into his special day.. enjoy (as much as you can). Blessings for many more "game balls for Caleb" and wonderful birthdays too. Have a great one!

    1. Hello Patty!! SO. so good to see your smiling face and read your sweet words of encouragement - here, in the comments. I've missed you!

  5. Happy birthday to Caleb! Sounds like a fun party. Visiting from #FMF.

  6. How did the party go??

    I laughed at your no pictures of the cupcakes and your reason why - I LOVE the fast pitch explanation!! HAHAHAHHA! You're too cute!!

    Tell him a BIG and WONDERFUL Happy Birthday from his Canadian "family"!!

    1. It went better than I anticipated... (I had helpers! - from the doppelganger and his family :) our fremily!!)
      I wished I would have taken time to grab a few photos. I got a few of the gift opening but not of near everything that I had hoped. If I can find time I'll update this post with a few photos... that my friend, Kristy, happened to get for me.

    2. Looks like a great time! Outdoor movie, amazing!!! And his little doppleganger buddy is as cute as him!!


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