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Monday, November 2, 2009

Our AMAZING results! {from our own Halloween Challenge}

So, what happened with the Halloween Challenge - you might be wondering?  My own post, from last week, was haunting me and deeply proposed that I that we take on our own challange.  This was  REALLY scary.  Wait, I don't mean all the puns happening here -but it seriously was the truth.  I called it "nervous, excited".

Scott had been quite busy studying (up to this point) as he was about to take a major exam on Saturday morning (something to do with computers).  I didn't really want to ask him too much - to "think" about other stuff, but this so-called challenge really had me in a state of perplexity, and with me just really wanting to "obey" this sense of duty, I was feeling in regards to our position on Halloween, I just took it up with the Lord.  Praying that if we were to really do this - then to who? and that Scott would be on board with it, when I did eventually ask him.

Sure enough!  As we were discussing the schedule & supposed plans of our day, for Saturday, we decided that we would GO for it!  We would get out there and introduce ourselves to the neighbors who live on the other side of the barn - part of Mr. A's property and other rentors.  We have lived here since May and have never met them.  That my friends, is totally terrible on our part.  Anyway. 
I don't want to say they were an "easy target" - but to play it safe and to not get to far out of the comfort zone, going to these neighbors somehow felt like the test zone - if you know what I mean. I would say it was still "heart-thumping" experience- to be completely honest.

So, early morning, Scott left for his exam and I busied myself in the kitchen making breakfast, Peanut Butter Brownies and tending to the little ones.  We also had decided that if he passed this exam (which he did, Praise God!!!) then we would also see if my mom would watch the kids for us, while we went out on a dinner date.  You can imagine it was an anxious morning.... just being left to wonder what, and how the day would unfold.

 Evening came.  We decided that since we were going out to dinner, and taking the kids to my mom's, that we would go over to our neighbors on our way out.  I had packed up a few of these brownies, as festively as I could and off we went.  It had been raining pretty heavy, all day. A damper I am sure to any halloweener - but the weather had cleared just enough for us to walk over.  We knocked on the door and waited.  You know, I must say, by now I was really feeling a peace about this... and Scott and the kids were great!

The door opens and she says "hello" with a jaw to the ground and I muster a "hey, I know you" grin and we just laugh - like, What???  I totally had forgotten her name, yet she remembered mine.  We hugged and stood there, mumbling things like... "We don't do halloween, but we just wanted to take the opportuntiy to introduce ourselves..." and it was all just getting funnier... and yet amazing.  Here, I used to work with this woman, a single mom, at our local hospital (I left there about 3 years ago).  I didn't know Betty very well, but she certainly had became a familiar, friendly face over the years - there at work.  But who knew that we were neighbors all these months - all because we hadn't met her sooner.  It was so encouraging... to find out that she is a Christian, too and that she and her son attend a local church in our area. 

Isn't God gracious?  Here, I'm getting nervous over nothing...

I just think we really blessed her - (not just with treats) but knowing that we're right around the corner and especially due to the fact that her son is home doing school while she is at work.  It was really comforting, for me as well, to know I have her as a close by neighbor, too!  We talked about that and decided it was good thing knowing we were there for that proverbial borrowing of the cup of sugar sort of thing & more!  I'm sure. 

: : I just wonder what it would have been like if it was an honest to goodness stranger, whose door we had knocked on?  Would we have come away with a smile on our faces, just the same?  Who knows, but there is always another year... right?  And, I just realized I posted on the 2nd of November, which is usually reserved for Scott's Second Sayings.  Oops!


  1. That's awesome Bev!!! Isn't it amazing how God works!!!

  2. That is so cool! He's so awesome!

  3. I love your Halloween challenge! What a great way to pass out "treats". It sounds like both of your families were blessed!

  4. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
    In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths."
    —Proverbs 3:5-6

    Your path was made straight to your neighbor's because you trusted your heart.
    Well done!


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