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Friday, December 18, 2009

"Don't keep Jesus, in the manger"

The Christmas cards are in the mail!!  Yay!  That is, for the most part.   There are a few to hand out.... yet. 

But, as I was sitting here over the course of a few days, coming up with our Christmas letter content, my thoughts kept drifting back to a song, written by a friend of our family, several years ago.  It was a Christmas song, which when he would sing this song - along with his acoustic guitar.  It would always make me Stop. STILL., and just really listen to the words.  (Of course, I don't remember all of them verbatum)  But, these are a few lines that keep coming back to me.

"Don't keep Jesus in the manger...don't let him be a stranger...just think about the danger...." 

I think what really triggered this heart pondering was the post I had written, on Monday - "the (WAY) in a manger".   Feel free to go back and reread... there you will find the story of the Christ child...in Luke 2.

It got me thinking about current times where people, in the hustle and bustle of preparing their homes for Christmas, that they forget to prepare their hearts, as well (I am included in this) and they just leave HIM in the manger.  They never  STILL to take the time to invite him into their hearts and into their lives. 

Even after Christmas has passed... the tendancy is to go on and forget the rest of the story.  It's like he either stays in the manger or he stays on the cross.  These pictures get rivited in  ALL our minds but the fact that he never REALLY lives within the hearts of man is relative to so many - in that, he simply remains a stranger.

: : Oh friends, Stop. STILL.  Don't keep Jesus in the manger! 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!

:: Song lyrics credit to Steve W., a friend of our family.  Thank You!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! It has been on my heart and my mind to be more still.


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