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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Finds: {20/10}

~The little Red Stool~

I happened upon this little red stool, one day, while perusing the local antique store down the road from our place. I think I paid $20. for it.  But...it's been worth every single dime. 

You see! 

This little red stool has become the proverbial open door for my one friend and I.  These days, when Maude* and I haven't seen each other in awhile we'll say things like... "you know I have this certain red stool sitting in my kitchen" or "Do you still have your little red stool? I haven't seen it lately".

Here is why.

Back in the day, Maude and I used to be very close neighbors.  When I was single... we shared a farmhouse.  Basically I had one half and she had the other.  We both had our own "place and space"- as I like to say.  Each side had it's own kitchen, LR, bathroom, 2 bedrooms...front door... but we shared things like the washer/dryer, heating and electric (somewhat).  It worked out really well -at least, I thought so and I think she did too.

We also knew when we didn't want to talk to each other.  You know...?

There were those times, too.  Honestly enough.

We had a common door through my living room into her kitchen.  If the door was open - it meant "come on in"... and if it was closed ....well, the door was closed. 
Although, you could knock, of course. ;)

So, this little red stool sat in the corner of my kitchen (and still does, in our current home).  When Maude would come over "to visit" - say while I was cooking up a storm, or whatever, that was her seat.  When she'd sit down... it was then that I knew she wanted to, needed to or just had to tell me something - interesting, funny or serious. 

Perhaps to just hang out... to just be...among "good company".

These days...since I'm married... it gets used for:

-giving my boys (hubby and son) their haircuts

-getting my daughter into trouble... she gets herself in trouble using it to climb up onto everything

-the usual step-stool needs

-time-outs (on occasion)

But, mostly it sits in it's little corner... just a waitin' for some good company. 

: :I miss you Maude... and I hope to see you one day soon. ;)  hint, hint.  That's if you'll forgive me for giving you such a random name change.  Because you know as well as I do... I never call(ed) you Maude. 

It's a good name, though.  I kinda like it.  Perhaps that's what I'll call the little red stool from here on out.

Happy Friday to all and have yourself a wonderful weekend.


  1. MY memories of the little red stool are when we all ate a meal in your dining room, Caleb or Scott usually sat on LRS because there weren't enough chairs with my brood there. Good memories! I think I even have pictures :)


  2. I think it is time to have a red stool visit sometime soon. :) I loved my little corner...I always knew I would be out of your way and had the best seat in the house for sampling your fine cooking. You do know that my dad wanted to name me Maude don't you??? In a twisted sort of way it suites me. Thankfully mom won on the name game and "Maude" is just a good story.
    Hope you have a happy weekend!

  3. Like this post and like "Maude's" comment.
    Good memories for both of you.
    I had a stool just like that, only yellow. Sure wish it was around today.

  4. I LOVE red, and love the stool. When my kids were younger, I always longed for one for the kitchen, but never found one. They're so handy for getting into cupboards, especially since I am so short. I love that you found one, and already have great memories attached. Enjoy its presence in your home!

  5. sweet post.
    my great grandmother had a "yellow Maude" in her kitchen. I have fond memories of it too.
    Have a happy weekend!

  6. i think i might know *Maude*! ;-) Even if i don't, thats a cute story!


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