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Friday, August 6, 2010

Cabin Vacation : : Clean sweep and Overhaul

I told you my sister, Gladys, asked me to take a look at this wreath for her, while on vacation, to see how and what we could do to give this wreath a major overhaul.

Of course, that meant going shopping.

Since Gladys lives fairly close to where the cabin is, she knew of a certain store that would be able to help us out.  Ye haw!!  We came away with some great stuff, do this up right. ;)

Aubrey wanted to help me.  I put her to work, by putting all of the old stuff - into her blue sand bucket and from there it went into the "trash".  She did pretty good...

As, I began to gather all of my "supplies"... now mind you, I'm at the cabin.  I realized I had forgotten all about glue guns and wire...let alone a wire cutters. 

All essentials in wreath making. 

Here is where my motto comes into play.  "You get creative, when you have to.".

I was careful though to reuse all wire from the old wreath decorations.  I did buy some sort of glue (that I don't think really worked all that well) and we did use a few bread ties.  When it came down to wire cutters... I had to beg from my fisherman brother, Nate-er-Pota-tor, for something strikingly close to a wire cutters.  He obliged.  It worked.

Here is the very-fragile end result.  It looked really nice hanging in the dining hall of the chuck-wagon over at the camp.  We got to see it - later in the week - as we all went over there, for a nice visit.  Which was also the time that my camera was giving me fits.

Continuing on with the theme of our Clean Sweep and Overhaul - meaning trying to wrap up the series with a few random photos of miscellaneous stuff.

I mentioned the cabin as being a time of sitting around and relaxing. 

Well, this daughter of ours sure knew how to get dirty every night.


: : Here is proof : :

Aubrey.  It's time for a bath.


I'm not listening...

Why don't you... You get a bath!


I'll leave you with this *iconic* shot of scenery:

** This tub has been here, along the road, for as long as I can remember.  It's just down the road from the cabin.  I believe it to be an actual spring from off the mountain, fed into this tub.  Before "running" water ever came to the cabin, I can remember many years of us coming up here  HOPING & PRAYING that there would signs of running water trickling in.  I remember one time, for sure, of my dad sucking on the tube - just to see if he could get it started, thinking maybe there was an air pocket in the hose or something.

 We'd come back, over and over to fill up thermos or plastic jugs ... just to have drinking water, at the cabin. 

 It's not for bathing in, though...

But, if this tub ever disappears, it just wouldn't be the same.


That's all folks
The cabin is now clean, empty and free to breathe a sigh of relief...until the next family arrives.

 The vehicles are packed and ready to head home!

*Overhaul* we had a great time...

To which my camera gives me one last parting shot. 
I hope you've enjoyed tagging along on our family vacation, these last few days. 
 Will we go again, next year?? 

We'll see...


  1. Perhaps it's best to end on a high note and come visit TN, instead :)

  2. I felt like a silent member of your family. The pictures and stories were so much fun. I hope you do return!

    Thanks for letting us "tag" along.

  3. You did a beautiful job on the wreath! That little Aubrey is so cute. I'm sure she's a handful!
    So glad you all had a great time!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. :)

  4. The wreath turned out so beautiful! You have an amazing eye. I love wreaths, have two on my double front doors, but never get them to look just right. Yours aren't symmetrical, but balanced, I love the look! I am enjoying "vacationing" with you. :)

  5. The wreath turned out really pretty! And my goodness Aubrey was a little dirt ball! ;) I've got a few just like her!


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