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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simply Saturday | The Creepy Crawly Restaurant

. . .. .. .. ..  .. . . . .. . . .. . . .

This is what we're hearing and seeing out our dining room bay window - this morning.

This morning and every morning here of late. 
Canadian Geese enjoying their breakfast, lunch and supper... all day long... at the
 Creepy Crawly Restaurant!
This Restaurant specializes in all kinds of bugs, crawling critters and worms, serving the best of grass seeds, in town .  It's a fine dining experience, for all.  In fact, there's always room for one more.

Disclaimer:  Findings of this Restaurant are not of personal experience.

Even the cows agree.

It's Simply Saturday. I'm linking up today with Jenn from

: : Photos taken from last fall.  But, the field is full of geese, even this morning.


  1. The geese have been flying over our house in hordes! I love to see them back! What a great sign that spring is near!

  2. They are beautiful!

    What a lovely thing to see looking out your window.

    Love your title;)

  3. That was very funny, Bevy. :)
    We have a huge field at the end of our street...they have been there too!

  4. Looks like your Creepy Crawly Restaurant keeps servin' up their specialty!!!

    What a cute and funny post sweetie. I totally enjoyed it.

    Have a beautiful weekend filled with warm wonderful blessings from above!!!


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