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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Promise(s) Kept ::: {a giveaway!}

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You know you're blessed when your husband is excited to receive, use and own a bag (all his own) lovingly hand made by his wife. 

 I was able to finish this bag up, earlier this past weekend, after I had, had it started back before his birthday.  I was trying to surprise Scott with it - but he found out about it and kept asking for it to be finished, so that he could use it as an overnight bag for when he went up to my sister and brother-in-law's, to go deer hunting.  It happened.  I kept my promise and he was able to use it this past weekend.

(he actually bagged himself a deer - 5 point buck)

Too bad, the fabric is not of deer and hunting stuff... however... he loves to "fish", too.  I thought it manly enough and have dubbed this bag, in honor of my man...

"My Fine Catch"
(gift to my husband for his birthday, last month)
large tote

I have also been meaning to make a pair of baby shoes for Jayne.  Sorry, little one, that these took such a long time in coming.  But, I know you "love them" and you do look darling in them - as if you're not darling enough.

They are finally finished - a promise kept.

~Homespun Baby! Shoes~
(gift for my daughter Jayne)

In case you're wondering.  My etsy shop has still been on the slow side.  I'm hoping to keep plugging away at it to keep filling it up.  I have recently changed the name of my shop from BAGS BY BEVY to "A Bevy of Old and New".  I'm hoping to incorporate more then just bags... as you know.  Things like more accessories, baby shoes, and vintage items.

So far, there are only two *new* linen brooches in there as well as two bags.  One of them is on Sale - trying to get it to move.  I believe I made it last Spring.

I did have one bag (Winter's Reflection- small bag), sell for me, over the weekend.  Thank you, Rachel A.!!!!! 

I also want to say Thank You! to Amanda and Denise for recently giving me a shout-out, regarding my etsy shop, on each of their blogs.  That always makes me feel warm and fuzzy...knowing that I have friends who are rooting me on talking about me.  ;)

And now... I'm not holding out any longer.

How about a giveaway!!  I've been wanting to do another one for awhile, now.  Like I said, things have been slow.  (It's my fault, completely - but babies change everything, don't they?)  But... this time I would like to give away one of my *new* Linen Brooches.  The photo(s) below are of the same brooch.  In the shop, however, are two others (different buttons) - if you win and you like one of those better, let me know - I'll work with ya.

To enter, just simply leave a comment telling me in three words, or so, what you love best about the Christmas Season.  That's it.

Spread the cheer, then come back here, and in a separate comment letting me know that you did and how you did, for another chance to win.

Hope to hear from you!  Oh yea, this giveaway ends this Friday, at midnight, Eastern.  Winner will be announced on Monday.


  1. Oh YaY! A giveaway by Bevy!

    What I love about the Christmas season....focusing my children's attention on God's Greatest Gift EVER! It in turn helps me keep my perspective cheery and focused on Jesus Christ, instead of on worldly pursuits that can often cloud this beautiful season of Christmas.

    UMMM...sorry I went over my 3 word limit;)

  2. brooch me all the way baby!

    What I love MOST about the Christmas season...

    living with less, but having MORE.


  3. Hi Bevy, First, I think the bag for your husband is great, the baby shoes are sooooooo cute. And I LOVE the snowy picture at the top of the page.
    You commented on my blog about my post of the birth of Christ in Luke..I too have had it memorized for years. :) And others too. I don't remember now as well as I used to though. I do love to be able to say 'hey I know that one' once in a while. I may not remember the reference though, silly me. lol

    Have a great Wednesday Take care Janet W

  4. What I love in about 3 words . . . hmmm . . . Celebrating the Life that gave me life.

  5. Oh yeah, Bevy, the was me, G.R.! Miss you! Been trying to stop in to see you--hopefully soon!

  6. What a FUN giveaway Bevy!! I love for the simple reason we slow down to focus on Christ!

    Happy Holidays...


  7. Hi Bevy, what I love about Christmas in three words or so, hmmm, I hope this makes sense. Remembering Mary. Being a mom of boys I can somewhat relate. Although what a treasure it must have been for her to be the mother of our savior!! What an honor!

  8. Oh fun, a give away...I hope you ship to Canada...and if not, I'll just share my thoughts anyways! :) Hmmm three words....

    ♫♪Comfort and Joy♪♫

    PS> I love the name for your husbands bag, so cute! :)

  9. OH and I really like the new name of your store! :) Very nice!


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