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Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Days Are Like This.

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Some days its really hard being a mama....

Isn't that so? 

When the day feels much like it's overwhelming.  Busy.  Spinning-out-of-control.  Hard?

We wonder if we've got it in us.  At least I do.

When there is this sweet, but busy little daughter of mine to contend with... her charming, *red* eyes and all (sorry about that!).  Always drumming up a "need" to express her vivaciousness and such.

And this roly-poly, tootsie roll who is (currently) not feeling so well, here of late, given to teething with a fury...but she's found her toes and I love this. Still smiling through it all... my sweet baby Jayne.

Yet, who has found herself coughing again through the night...and blowing snot every which way to Sunday.

Not so funny.  Poor thing.

And when there is this guy... who, as innocent as he looks here, is having to apologize to a police officer, yesterday, for "playing with the phone" and making an unwarrented, hang-up call to 911.  Yikes!

I think he's learned his lesson on this one.  And will say, " I don't want to talk about it..."  and yet I think he decided to share his lesson learned with his class today, in Show & Tell, at preschool.  We'll see!

You know? Mothering is hard. 

But, I'm thankful that I can find still find the time to sit to the sewing table... in a stolen moment or two... in effort to clear my head, per say.

and make another pair of these Homespun Baby! Shoes... to send out.  (thank you, Melissa B.)

Pour the afternoon cup of coffee.
Listen to soft strains of John Tesh... playing piano solace in the background.  Does anyone else turn on the noise to drown out the noise?  However melodic and soothing?  Just asking.

Through it all...mothering, as hard as it is...still gives a blessed chance to every now and then sneak a bite or two from some fabulous creation.  Yes! I said sneak.  I actually took this photo of this dessert, the other night, while it was hiding in my kitchen cabinet, or else I'd be sitting high and dry without nearly so much as a nibble.

A Mother's Prerogative, I tell you.  Come on, you all know that!

Ultimately.  I'm learning this part of letting my light shine.  Contentment.  Making this secret my own.

My favorite thrill about all of this, is this.  It's not that I have to do this.  I get to. 

Okay, most days...if I'm honest with myself, and with you... I will have to admit.  There are many days when I question my ability.  My course.  My resolve to being the best wife and mother I can possibly be. 

But you know what?

At the end of the day.  When I'm wrapped up in the mere memories of the hard-earned day, my head is on the pillow. I know my Heavenly Father is only a whisper away. And while my husband's embrace is long and tender...when we're left to whisper loud into the deaf ears of the other because sleep has long since carried one of us off into La La land. What matters most is that, in the end, I have been faithful.

I have done my best.
When we feel loved. 

That they know they're loved. 

All is grace...knowing, some days are like this.

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  1. I kept hovering over words near the cheesecake and was not granted entry to the RECIPE for this little piece of heaven :) Please ?

  2. @ Mitzi...

    That's the funny...and the bliss of it. I didn't make it this time. Another score (for me) when I get to eat something yummy from some one other's capable hands. :)

  3. Yes Bevy, mothering is HARD. So hard sometimes it hurts.

    We too have had a police officer show up (in a blizzard no less) and received a call (a different incident) from the police dept. because of little fingers dialing. :)

    Oh, and I would find no shame in hiding a delicious dessert in the cabinet. I'm a little embarassed that I hadn't thought of it myself.

    Thanks for your honesty in this post. Keep sharing. :)

  4. Thank you for the reminder that we "get to" be mothers. From the time I was a little girl, I longed to have six kids. The Lord answered that prayer, but sometimes I have to remind myself that the Lord just gave me what I asked for. It's a GOOD thing. :)

    And, btw, at least four of my kids have called 911, some of them more than once. Someday, it will be funny...:)

  5. Loved your post as I always do. Our children are blessings from our Heavenly Father.

    Sorry I can't say that we had any 911 calls by little fingers.We did have a little one, 3yrs old at the time, haul a gallon jug of milk up a big hill with his little hands and fingers. :) He was so proud of himself. ( worried if it would hurt him, it being so heavy).

    Btw...sweet pics of your little ones.

    Have a great weekend. Janet W

  6. amen:)!!!
    pleasant photos.
    and I hope you will consider placing some of those shoes in your etsy shop for me to purchase in the near future:)


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