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Friday, June 1, 2012

Tennessee, here we come! Back through VA, again. {and finally home!}

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Oh my goodness.  You're all being so patient with me... it took me all day to get this post together. 

Here again. As we pulled on into the driveway, we were met with big beaming smiles and wide open arms to welcome us weary travellers, although we weren't really weary.  Just very,very excited.  Our friends in TN we're waiting for us.   They had given up the master bedroom/bath for us (and more) and right outside the bedroom window was the most beautiful of blue hydrangea flowers with a back drop of the sun setting low.  We couldn't wait to settle in and call this home for the next several days.
 Little things around their home reminded us of their anticipation and their desire for us to grace their home with our presence. 
 Like this sign hanging in the kitchen. 

We got a chuckle out of it as we had done something similar for them when they came to our home 2 yrs ago.


This southern gal can cook.  And "up a storm" she did.  We ate SO GOOD the whole week, we pretty much rolled home in our (Chevy Venture) wheelbarrow.  Scott and I both felt like we gained back anything we had lost prior to going on this trip. 

But anyhow.  My friend Mitzi held nothing back in her cooking.  Delicious! And if I thought Amanda's sweet tea was phenominal... Mitzi's was never-ending.  I heard she made gallons and gallons of it.  We counted...but I lost count at about 5 or 6. ;) 
We had this melt-in-your-mouth chuck roast, the first meal, that she said was in a crock-pot for 48hrs. If that didn't set the precedence, I don't know what did.
Then we had... the best-ever Chocolate Chip layer Cake with mile-high in the middle and all around icing you could imagine.  An oven baked pork loin (with some sort of apple/wine gravy) that I never had be so tender in all my live long life. 
Breakfast casserole.  Biscuits and sausage gravy.  Strawberry Shortcake.  Prune cake, with sauce. Beans and Kielbasa. Lettuce Salad, Cran-Raspberry Pretzel Salad, Pasta Salad.  A barbeque chicken and pineapple pizza.  Have you ever heard of it?  To die for....
And of course, I am owed a ton of these recipes (still waiting!) so I can/we can continue to drool over them.

We opted to take the first day (Monday) as a 'sit around' the house kinda day. Taking it easy, not going anywhere or doing anything but relaxing.

My husband took to studying...
(his 10-12 page paper for school was looming large)
There was a nice little desk tucked away in our room that he could easily pull up a chair to and study away.  I'm so proud of Scott.  He got A LOT done that day and when submitted it - he passed it.  (of course!).

I took to sewing...
(I needed to make a couple of teacher gifts for Caleb's school teachers.)

Because, by the way.  With three eleven year old, a. k.a. the triplet blessings in the house, our three children each had a buddy to keep them entertained.  Scott and I joked around with this thought of "we're never even going to see our kids... they'll be so well taken care of." 
And they were.  So with all of the "extra help" available... we were told relax and do what we needed to do.

Tuesday wasn't much different. Except that Mitzi and I went out shopping to Hobby Lobby, thrift stores and for me to go and get a hair cut.  Fun!!

While we were out doing all of that...

I think Scott manged to take Caleb and Aubrey swimming in their backyard, in ground pool, later in the afternoon, before it started to rain. One thing that Caleb was really excited about doing was to be able to go swimming in TN.

While we were there... I guess family back home started to miss us.  You know who called?  Uncle Justin (my brother).  He needed his C & A fix, I guess. ;)

You would've thought there was little to do on afternoons that rained... I mean, that's what it seemed like.  However, it didn't matter.  Because, where could the kiddo's (and dad) be found?  In Benjamin's room... building Lego's.

On Wednesday morning.  The dad's (Scott and Chris), and children (all but Jayne) got up early to go fishing.  I went shopping again.

I offered... but Mitzi opted to stay home to cook some more ;) (as you can tell, I couldn't argue that)... and I decided from the day before that Hobby Lobby was one fine place. There are none in the area, where I am from and by I means...I NEEDED to go back.  I took Jayne with me and thank the good Lord, she slept almost the whole time I was there shopping.  More then two, almost three hours.  I had her in our stroller and well, it totally worked out.  I found an absolute ton of stuff I needed.  Yes! needed.  And one fabulous find that I could not pass up.  Originally priced at $120.  Sold to me, off the floor at $40.  Couldn't pass it up.

This lamp...

That now stands perfectly in the corner of our living room.  Long story.  But it replaced the JB Weld job that my hubby did on the previous floor lamp.  The one that Aubrey decided to climb like a tree.  Yeah... long story.  The best part was that it packed in nicely with the rest of our belongings and we didn't need to use it as a hood ornament...like Scott threatened. ;)

Thankfully, he couldn't threaten too much, because when I got back from my shopping the guys took off to a U-PULL it junk-yard for car parts.  This is honestly one of the times I really love my man.  When he can go in there (to a place like this because we have them around home, here, too) with a list of stuff  he's looking for and walk away with needed car parts(ie; cup holders, light fixture casings, etc.) and only spend meager $$.

Thursday, our last full day in TN ;(,  the plan was to go to the mountains and enjoy a day in the Smokies.  I sure wish I had a few more photos of the gorgeous day that it was.  The mountain range was so lovely. (My camera was "full", at this point).
We had packed a lunch of make-it-yourself sandwiches, fruit, cookies and chips... and of course prayed for a good spot in the cove picnic area.  We found one. 

The spot we found was by a lovely little portion of creek water... and how perfect.  Just a little bit of sunshine filtering through the trees above.
Soon other kids came by and well, I always find it interesting to watch our children interact, soon introduce themselves and fearlessly make friends.  Caleb especially.

I didn't stick a toenail in that water... because I could tell it was COLD, COLD!  That didn't stop the rest...from having a grand ole time.  Scott and I have learned... always bring a change of clothes for the Little's.  Let's just say.  We needed it. ;)  Rather.  They needed it.

Oh.  So sad.  Our last morning here. 

We awoke to the smell of Overnight Baked French Toast, baking in the oven, which was the most custardy thing I have ever tasted in a long while.  Scrump-dilly-icous.  I've had this plenty of other times... but this one seemed different and SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We finished packing up the van to make our way north, trying to stick to schedule.  But before we did that.  We had to get those last few group photos.  You know...


I just love this hayfield.  Always have.  Every time I've come to visit here, I've always had to go see the hayfield out back.  It's all tucked in behind nowhere.  Love it!

As we pulled off.  I wanted to get that one last parting-shot-out-the-window-kind-as-we-pull-away-shot and the little bugger Mitzi  beat me to it.   

Oh, to see you're face again, too... my friend! ;)

Mitzi, Chris and triplets.  Thank you, so much, for being such a HUGE means of blessing in our lives.  We love you all so very much. You're hospitality was amazing.  Thank you for all the sacrifice in the sharing of your home, your personal space, in the practical with your washer and dryer, your willingness to stay up and visit - sharing advice and ideas and most of all your encouragement.  You're years ahead of us in parenting and we have learned much from you.
  The years of us being friends keeps getting better and better.  Doesn't it?  So... when are you making your trip to Pennsylvania - again? Please?!?!?!  Pretty please.  We miss you terribly already.  Especially the children.   We had the best time with you all.  Our children keep talking about yours and referring back to things how the girls did or do this or that and Benjamin had this or has that...

Fun memories were certainly made, that's for sure.  Caleb even shared about the racoon, that came on to the porch that night, in his Show & Tell class at school today.
See?!?!  Fun memories...

So.  We headed North to VA - almost the same area of VA as before.  Boy! Was it ever hard to keep the van from steering off the road to head back toward Rocky Mount to visit some more with Amanda and family.  I think I cried... no, I know I did.
 But we needed to stick to schedule and this time it was to settle into a hotel and then to meet Scott's step-mom for dinner, that Friday night.  We regret we didn't get any photos with Joan.  But what a treat it was to see her again.  We originally planned to stay an extra day with her, but plans had changed at the last minute and we got to come home a day early.  Which in the end was probably a good thing, for us.  That gave us two days to "re-coop" and settle back into the normal swing of things.
It sure felt good to walk back into our own home.  Pretty much having no laundry waiting to be tackled as soon as we got home  (I kept up with our laundry while in TN) was wonderful. 

I have to leave you with some "on the road" humor.  I hope you don't mind.

If you know Scott and I well at all.  You would know we are pretty big coffee drinkers.
We pulled into a truck stop...somewhere in route.


Just what we needed.

A his & hers coffee to go!

Thanks for joining in on our vacation memories.  Until next time.

Oh.  Come back tomorrow for Scott's Second Sayings
I'm sure he'll have some more thoughts on these special times with all our dear friends.


  1. It has been fun reading about your vacation.
    I have a question, where did you meet these wonderful and very generous friends?
    School? Family? Chruch?
    Great way to take a fun vacation.

  2. SO glad you guys had a safe trip and came back to us up here - although looking at all your pictures I am not sure I would have come back.....

    Just for the record.... guess what is up here in the Valley - in fact right here in Easton? Hobby Lobby........ just saying.

    Also Harry's You Pull It, but I don't want to press my luck.... : P

    LOVE the new lamp!!! It's perfect!!!! And of course I love the "coffee truck" pictures!! It was great to see you guys rested and joyful coming back from this trip - it speaks volumes about your friends and their hospitality..... : ) Thanks for sharing your time away!

  3. Loved reliving your vacation with you. I love good friends! When my six kids were young, I agree, the best vacation was going to someone's house whose kids were just enough older to play with our kids the whole time!

    LOVED the side by side coffee tankers. Can I use that pic? I'll give ya' credit....it just made me drool....


  4. I'm thinking I need to keep Mitzi in mind in case we pass through TN!!!

    What a gracious host Bevy!

    Loved your lamp find.
    and am so delighted to hear that you got to rest, relax and spend precious time with these wonderful friends:-)!!!


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