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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fireside Chat. Happy New Year! {and a Bags by Bevy! Giveaway - now CLOSED!}

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Happy New Year!  Year 2013.

It's hard to believe, but we've come to this year ~ rested and ready.

(Let's pretend were cozied up by the proverbial fireside... the one that I don't have. But hey, I have my coffee - and you?
Lets chat... shall we?)

I just wanted to tell you...

I wasn't so sure how taking a break for the month of December would go, for me... but I think I can give you a fair estimate.

It went pretty well.

As much as I missed hearing from all of you... I really did enjoy the peace and quiet that the blogging break gave me.

As busy as I was...

I was really at peace.  For the first time in a long time, I wasn't feeling stressed.

You saw the list - which completely engulfed all of December.  And would you believe it if I told you that I was kind of sad to see it go?  To be over already with the Christmas Season?  Well.  It's true.

I mean...I asked myself, Do I really have to take down decorations already?  I thought to myself that I might not, at least for a little while.  One thing I do do is to decorate as wintery as possible. And winter can last as long as it needs to around here.

I don't mind... too much.

For many reasons I feel as though I want to sit and tell you all that happened over the month of December.  I'm sure bits and pieces will come out here and there.  
Like, about the Christmas Concert I was part of.
New recipes created.  Both original and non.
Health Issues.
Family matters...

The other day (Saturday) I so enjoyed the snow falling - all while I was upstairs "sewing up a storm".  This is one of the photos takes out of the upstairs window.
 I  have been so blessed to get a couple of orders taken care of that had been placed awhile back.
Like this one...

:: Winter Road Home ::
(medium tote) 
Sold to Robin W.

All of that to say, is that I've had such a fun season of sewing and selling and it wasn't stressful at all.  Which reminds me.  I have a special giveaway at the end of this post for all you loyal readers who have been so kind to let me take a break.  It's kind of a special treat - besides, wasn't it just Christmas?  I wanted to do something extra special in my return...

But before we do that, I wanted to share something with you that I read in an old, old book, just yesterday.  Something that I think and hope will give you cause to ponder and hold onto (treasure, if you will)... especially for the NEW upcoming year.
It may seem a bit "outdated" as far as the word usage goes... but it is/was meant to grip young people in their heart of hearts, in regards to building ones character.  I know it (still) tugged at mine...

Habits of Thought
"As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is."  A man is not better than the thoughts he habitually thinks.  "Thoughts are things."  It is hard to realize this, and as a consequence thoughts are often lightly considered.  Evil thoughts are sometimes allowed to lodge in the mind unreproved  till the whole man is polluted.  Thoughts can be controlled.  They can be made subject to one's will and to the will of God.  Evil thoughts, neither light and chaffy ones, need be entertained.

Every thought makes, as it were, a tiny furrow in the brain.  Each time a certain thought is repeated, that furrow is deepened, until it becomes easier for thought to follow that path than any other.  If one continually dwells upon his troubles, he will see trouble in much that he looks at; but if one thinks of his blessings, he will be able to see blessings in that at which he looks.  If one gives way to evil, bitter thoughts, it will become almost impossible for him to think any other kind.  He will become as bitter as his thoughts.  If one allows himself to think unclean and impure thoughts, he will soon come to see and hear only those things that tend to make him more impure in his thoughts.

If one entertains a good thought, it will make him able to think a stronger and better thought, and again that better thought will make him able to think and act with more strength and courage than he could possibly have done before.  But if one gives way to an evil thought, a worse thought will be at its end, and a still worse one at the end of that one, till finally the evil thought will completely overcome him.

Thoughts show on the face like lines on a map.  Sad thoughts make the face melancholy; bitter, envious thoughts make the face sour and peevish; low, unclean thoughts make the face ashamed and unable to look pure people in the face; pure, happy thoughts make the face bright and attractive.

To have good thought-habits, one must continually fill the mind with good things.  This can be done by pure conversation, good reading, useful work and study.  Every one is tempted to evil thoughts by those things that must be met in the world.  Evil literature, impure companions, gossip, slander – all these are about us and must be avoided; the thoughts they arouse must be thrown off.  If evil thoughts persist in coming into your consciousness, turn to something worthwhile to think aboutIf they come at night, by willpower think of other things.  If you cannot overcome that way, get up and walk about.  Fight hard, and you will win the battle.  Ask God to help you keep pure.  Form good thought-habits while you are children and young people, and evil thoughts will not bother you when you are old. ~ Mabel Hale.

(excerpt taken from the book, Ideals and Moral Lessons)

I'm not so sure as to why I was so inclined to share that with you today... other than the fact that it encouraged me - a lot.  I like the thought of by looking at our blessings that will in turn allow us to see more (and more) blessings.

Such a good and timely reminder...

Are you excited to have me back?  Are you ready for this here giveaway?

 :: Evergreen for Me::  is the name of this bag.  Don't ask me how the name came about.  Some times there truly is a story...but for this one?  Not so sure.

I made up this bag... the other evening.  This is a bag that I really fell in love with and might have a hard time giving up... but I will.  It's on the small to medium size, but the handles fit nicely over the shoulder.  Which that is a bit unusual for a "small bag", coming from me.

There is one pocket on the inside.  The lining is a great vintage print... love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bottom of the bag is a beautiful faux leather.  And of course it features the usual hand embroidered french knots around the girth of the bag.  The "B" logo on the side of the bag is also hand embroidered.
The three buttons on the front side of the bag is my trademark signature.

I like how these vintage buttons really make the bag "pop".

Everyone gets ONE chance.
I don't care if you want to talk about it - to spread the word.  Pin it! Facebook about it. or whatever...
To keep it truly fair...you only get one shot!


Is that being a Scrooge?
That is being a Scrooge.

Toss that last idea into the fireside flames...
Okay.  Here is the deal.
Leave me a comment for each thing you do and that will earn you a chance to win this great bag, by Bevy.
And who knows.   There honestly might be some other goodies tucked in there with it. In your comment...

Tell me something about this past year that you're grateful to leave behind.  And something for sure you're looking forward to in this new and coming year.

Just so you know, and pass this on as well.  I will close this giveaway out on Friday at 10:00 pm, EST.
Be sure to leave your name if you are entering anonymously.

I can't wait to hear from you.

~ Bevy


  1. What a beautiful bag you are giving away Bevy. Would love to be popped into the draw. I am happy to be leaving 'change' behind. The past two years have been full of transition and change - a natural part of moving to a new country, settling in and establishing a new life. Now that we have finally put down anchor, I am looking forward to establishing lasting friendships, becoming a part of the woodwork of our new church family, of being able to watch my girls establish friendships that will see them into adulthood and becoming a part of a community.

    I wanted to say that your quote and insight into that today is something that 19th century educator Charlotte Mason delved into and spoke about. I remember being intrigued by this notion that our thoughts create furrows in our brain. Thanks for the reminder and of course you have captured it all so well here on your blog!

    I am glad that you enjoyed your break but I am selfishly glad you are back :o)

    Blessings to you and your family for 2013

    Shirley Ann

    1. Thank you Shirley Ann. Your comment, here, warmed my heart first thing this morning and I've been basking in it all day. ;) I liked how you said about becoming part of the woodwork at your "new" church home. And that you're selfishly glad to see me back. (warm fuzzies! for sure).

      I would love to enter you in the giveaway. All the way to the UK. Absolutely.

      Blessings right back at ya'.

  2. Welcome back Bevy.
    Yes, you were missed. Your words today are very much appreciated.
    It is always good to be reminded that our thoughts control us. We all have thoughts and we can control what we think.

    Humm... what am I am I glad to leave behind? Oh, my job! I am so happy to be retired. This next part is easy. I'm looking forward to our next grandchild, Silas.

    I can see why you like this bag. It looks like fireworks, (I just saw a New Years Eve special).

    Glad to have you back. How are those darling children? I missed them, too.

    1. Thank you, too! Christine...

      All three of the kids are (finally) doing well. Between them, we've had as many ear infections - actually more than we have combined ears in this family...over this past month. That may or may not be an exaggeration. It's been rough.

      Yes! I too thought of fireworks - what you don't know is that I chose to use the "wrong" side of the fabric for this bag and trust me- it would've looked a lot more like fireworks. A little bit more subtle this way. Besides I love green. And, it's such a woodsy green. Calm and wintery. ;)

      Enjoy that new grand baby when he arrives. Happy New Year!

  3. Ooooooo!!!! That one is beautiful (like any of your bags aren't?? ; ) ).

    Let's see....

    Grateful to put behind us some medical stuff - and it would appear for now that Medical Monday's have wrapped up. Yeah!! Looking forward to all the God has for us in the new year - knowing that just as He has carried us this year, that care will continue - and that's what makes it so exciting. Looking forward to a farm show too... : P among other things. Anticipating a lot of change, but know He is faithful!

    SO glad to hear you had a time of rest.... We did take down our decorations, but kept a few winter ones. No more obnoxious (did I say that?) lights though!! ALL white now!!! : ) Glad to have a somewhat daily dose of Bev again!

    1. Oh - did Facebook too... Not sure how to do Pinterest. Can you tell I am taking this one seriously?? : P

    2. Yes! I can tell. ;) thank you!! You're too sweet. And I'm so glad too that you're Medical Monday's have seemingly ceased.

      We'll stay in touch about that farm show.

  4. Glad to see you back, Bevy. Our thoughts do control us. That's why we need to take every thought captive.

    What am I glad to leave behind? I don't think there's anything. Everything I go through I see as a learning experience that brings me closer to our Lord. But I am looking forward to the warm weather. We go down the shore when it gets warm and I love doing that. It's no fun to sit on the beach in the cold. (ha, ha)

    1. I like your thoughts here, Kathy. You're right! Seeing everything as a learning experience keeps us from "wallowing" in self pity... of things we didn't do or finish or accomplish because of change(s), during the past year. Rather it is "leaning in", pressing onward and upward...running the race set before us. Facing what is ahead with a zeal and confidence.

      Blessings on your New Year,and enjoy that shore weather when it comes.

  5. Beautiful and encouraging passage!! I will ponder and then treasure up those words! So true - our thought patterns have such great affect on who we are!

    Something to leave behind....though one - last year was just...surreal! ;) As you know - ...I want to leave behind the pain that last year brought - but then again, that pain is a working of God in me, so I can't say exactly that I want to leave it behind - I do know that I am looking very much forward to how God will use me and my family this year. Seeing how He will use the lessons I have learned in the past year to do good works for Him!

    It is nice to have you blogging again! I think your bag is lovely! Such talent- I didn't realive all the hand touches you put on them! Oh and I really like that painting in your second picture there - it's really nice!!

    1. Thank you Kaitlyn. It's good to be back blogging again. And as far as talent... don't know about that. Just being me, I guess.

      The painting in the second picture is a long story... but yes! something I did a long time ago and in order to "preserve it"... I hung it up behind an old window frame. I like the rustic look to it. As is. The only thing that isn't painted on that art piece is the cotton ball whispering it's way up out of the chimney. ;) It needed a bit of mixed media and dimension.
      I'll be glad to enter you into the drawing.

    2. I didn't know you did that painting - that's great! I really like it a lot! And I think that was such a good idea to hang it behind the old window frame! I like mixed media art, I want to try it out more - maybe this is the year??

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will miss December too.. my favorite month of the year.. activity wise..

    What I won't mind leaving behind is the pain of grief and loss.. that I have experienced the past 8 years.. 2005-2012 (pain continued through the first 1/2/ 3/4 of the year.)

    Looking forward to God's continued RESTORATION.. my word of the year.. and just recently.. Chantel mentioned her desire for baptism.. so thinking about that.. and moving along in that direction when the church will allow age wise.. :-) Very proud of her.. as she makes so many decisions and she thinks seriously about her life and future.

    The bag looks great.. enter my into your contest.. thanks. Chris Schultz

    1. "December - favorite month/season of the year -activity wise."

      Me too!!! Ghee, We must be related. :)

      Praying that this year will truly be a year of RESTORATION for you. YOU have walked a long hard road, for too long.

      May you see the blessings all along the way. Both behind and before...

      I'd be glad to enter you in the drawing.

  7. Dearest, Bevy
    first of all. Welcome back.
    Secondly...I just took down my tree yesterday. I was sad. I love it! But, it was becoming a fire hazard! I too, try and decorate for winter. That way I can extend the season. I have decided to leave the little tree with it's twinkling lights up in my room for now. It just makes it so cozy!

    I love the bags you made.
    So pretty.

    And the snow, that's so pretty too!
    We have some as well and I have not left this home for days!

    Bevy, this blogging thing can be sweet and crazy. Invasive and nosy. Tempting and alluring. Affirming and encouraging...it takes so much for a girl to come spill her heart day after day. Sometimes lots of ladies notice. Sometimes it seems nobody even cares. You do a fine, fine job in this little home of yours and I want you to know that I'm thinking of you today.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Kristin - you are so right about the blogging thing.

      Thank you.... for noticing!!! You are always such an encouragement. I greatly appreciate you!

      Thanks for entering. You're in!

  8. Hello precious friend!
    I am glad to be leaving mourning behind (I HOPE it's behind me, at least) and I look forward to smaller clothing sizes for me this year. No, I'm not preggers... I just want to lose weight! The clothes are for me, not a baby :)


    1. Speaking of... How are your Triplet-'baby'-Blessings??

      Thanks for entering here. YOU'RE in! and you can do it. I know you can. Because wasn't it you that gave me a bunch of your clothes before from having lost a lot of weight?

      I lost 10lbs. this year and wasn't really thinking about it/trying. I am certainly grateful to leave that behind - for me.

      You go girl!!
      Love you.

  9. I have no idea what happen to my first comment, but since it's a pretty firm answer I can recall my reply to enter your giveaway without thinking twice. So here it goes, I would be grateful to leave behind the 10 pounds gained over the 2012 holidays. And it goes without saying but I am surely looking forward to the first time I get to hold my daughter in my arms and look directly into her eyes and tell her I am her mommy and I love her and 2013 is the year those dreams come true.

    1. I'm so glad we "discovered" this fail... I'm glad you could reenter.

      As per above comment... (Mitzi!)... you can do it too. Lose that 10lbs. You've been an inspiration all year...to me! So I know you can do it again.

      And. Yes!! We cannot wait to meet this new little one in your life, either. Dreams do come true.
      You're a great mommy!! Again... another realm of inspiration, to me.

  10. We've taken down our decorations and are getting ready to settle back into our daily routine.

    You are one talented lady! That bag is gorgeous!

    One thing I'm ready to leave behind... old habits and one thing I'm looking forward to in 2013 a deeper walk with Christ.

    Happy 2013 my friend!

    1. Are you talking about looking forward to putting on a "new habit" - the Joy Dare of 2013??? the one with Ann Voskamp? IF so... me too.

      Thanks for your constant vote of confidence... my sweet friend.

      Love you, Jenn.


  11. I just came across your blog for the first time. Lovely and warm, is what comes to mind. & lucky me I get to enter a giveaway that looks amazing!
    What I'm ready to leave behind? Dust of remodeling our house!
    What I look forward to in this year? So many things. The birth of our first child next month, continuing to settle into our home, drawing closer to my church family. And everything that God has in store for me to learn this year!

    1. Nice to have a "new face" around here. Welcome! May you be blessed each time you're by.

      I would be delighted to have you enter the giveaway... thank you!

      I was off checking out your blog(s)... by sounds of it. You and I aren't that far apart in where we live. And congrats on the upcoming birth of your first child. Precious! We'll pray that all goes well...

  12. Hi my friend,
    So glad you're back. Thanks for the chance to win a great bag!! Looks beautiful.
    As to what I'm glad to leave behind, boy that's a toughy. My word for 2012 was embrace. Although I certainly need to continue to embrace whatever lies before me, I think what I really want to leave behind is the "change" I was learning to embrace. Probably not possible for things are always changing. Sigh!! Well, I guess I'm just glad for a fresh new start. Love that about the new year.

    1. High Five!!!!!!

      So good to hear from you Kelli. I laughed. I love what you wrote so honestly. It's the truth... we never "enjoy" the change as it comes..much less the embracing of it as its coming. But...you're doing fabulous.

      Blessings your way...

  13. New here, came by way of my friend, Jane M. I am glad to leave the hard, unexpected and un-welcomed life changes (job loss, family strife, financial struggle, struggling teens, etc) of 2012 behind. The regular, anticipated life changes (graduating son, baby starting kindergarten, adoption journey to the new baby, etc.) were "hard enough." I, like Jane, am looking forward to holding my new baby girl and showing her she is loved, cherished and home FOREVER! Also anxious for #1 son to return home from YWAM and see what God has for the next phase of his journey into adulthood.

    Your site is lovely. I will be back, I'm sure!

    1. Dear GangMama...Welcome! ;)

      It's nice to have another new face join in. Thanks for kind words and along with Jane (love her, by the way)and her family, I'll be praying for you and yours as well.

  14. nothing sticks out in my mind as something im glad to leave behind in 2012. looking forward to new beginnings in 2013! love the bag. glad you back:)

    1. Hey Janelle... good to hear from you.

      You know for a second chance - you could spread the word! You still have time. ;)


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