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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Daybook in February ~ 2013

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Outside my window... 
Beautiful sunshine!  The temperatures hanging out at around 32* - I was tempted to hang some laundry on the line, by the looks of the sunshine, until I read the temp reading.  Nah!  I don't think I'd like to bring in frozen clothes from the line... the ones that never dried out there...they're liable to walk in ahead of me. ;)

Although - It is more probable that the day actually will warm up enough, afterall, to negate change of what I just wrote.  Oh well.

I am thinking...what a wonderful time I had last evening. You're all curious. Our Church does this event every now and again... something called, "Guess who's coming to Dinner?"I blogged about it yesterday.  I ended up going by myself - nervous as all get out- and Scott stayed home with the kids...who were still not feeling well.  My evening: It was absolutely lovely.  It turned out to be just a total of four ladies - meeting at the one lady's home.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Beautiful Old Farmhouse.. with lots and lots of lovely things that sorta made me quite thankful...

bringing me to the next prompt.

I am thankful... that my children were not there with me last night.  That would've been stressful.  Although I will say - I'm sad, at the same time, that my husband and children were not with me.  I really think Scott would have enjoyed himself... a lot.  He's quite social.  And he totally would have made himself right at home - never mind the fact that he would have been the only guy.
I'm also thankful Scott "let me go" alone... as I would probably would still not really know this lady - who was such a sweet hostess (her first time of doing this).  I was really grateful that now to see at her at church we'll actually have a decent conversation instead of the usual smile or nod while passing through the hallway, etc. as I'm chasing down my children and she keeping to her own settled circle of friends at church.  You know how it is?  You just "never" get to fully know everyone that you see every Sunday.  Is that true for you, too??

In the kitchen...
there are a lot of "leftover" desserts (from last night) that are going in to work with my husband, today.  The co-workers won't mind one bit I'm sure.  Leftover desserts such as :  VERY RICH & DECADENT Iced Chocolate Brownies as well as some sort of made up coffee bars... there is no name for them.  I made them up.
All good... but they will go to waist here - unfortunately, to mine.  Not good.

I am wearing...
My usual long jean skirt and a simple black tee.  I'm trying to wear that smile! today, as well.

I am creating...a new bag for myself.  I've decided I'm very tired of carrying around a diaper bag.  Plus my own personal bag.  So.  I'm going to combine the two, into a NEW and favorite bag for me!

I am going... just a little bit "crazy" here, today.  Caleb is still really sick and obviously home from school.  The girls are better and busy(ier).  So - to keep up with everybody (his demands) and to keep the girls away from C. (who is so irritable, yet begs me to pray for him so that he'll feel better - which we are and I do!)... I feel like I need a pair of funky roller blades to keep up with the crazy rhythm of this day.  What time is it?  It's not even 9AM...(as I type).

I am wondering...
Honestly.  What to make for dinner...tonight?  And, will I feel like it?

I am reading...

This list - all piled up on my nightstand.  And it's funny... it's not a whole lot different than last month's reading list.  I'm not a slow reader... really I'm not, it's just that there are not a lot of moments taken intentionally to read, like I would like.
One of the things that has gripped me while reading, and it's been an over-arching theme throughout this book,  is reaping what I'm sowing.

Sharing with you from The Mission of Motherhood, and I quote:
"If I sow affection, commitment, and encouragement into the lives of my children, chances are that I will reap deep, close relationships with them that will last for a lifetime.  If I don't make our relationships a priority, I risk reaping the consequences of a broken, scarred or distant relationship." ~ Sally Clarkson.

I am hoping...
that despite how I'm feeling from one day to the next or how I'm doing in my Mothering or in any other relationships that overall, I will have made a difference.  I like how one friend said it recently.  "When I 'grow up' I would like know I have had the confidence enough to be a difference-maker".  I hope (and pray) I can do that, too.

I am looking forward to...
To hearing/reading what all you all have to say after reading this post. ;)  Just being real, here.  Can I?

I am learning..
to just keep doing the best I can.  For some it will never be enough. For others, more than enough.

Around the house...
Is a lot of dust.  I think I should (really) clean one of these day... sigh!  But, not today!  Today, I'm planning on mostly remaining a Nurse.

I am pondering...
I talked about this beautiful thing on Friday... see HERE!

A favorite quote for today...
"Mom, you're a good cooker." - said with a wink and a smile by my four year old...a little lovely lady, named Aubrey.

One of my favorite things...
Watching snowflakes swirling...twirling...right out in front of our noses.  Caleb and I catching a few on our tongues... on cold chilly mornings as we wait for the bus.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
This is going to be a busy week.  There will be an abundant amount of laundry... I'm sure (Actually, I'm working on the laundry today). Also, Wednesday is the day I'm to meet with the Surgeon to officially set up a time for this Vein Ablation to be done on my lower leg.  We also meet with Caleb's school teacher for Parent/Teacher Conference, that same day.  On Thursday - my husband is taking an exam... so my little ones and I need to be out of the house for the evening... we'll be heading to my mom's (Grandma's!)  I also plan to help out a friend with her blogging issues (she likes to call me! - she's funny).  Lord willing, if Scott passes this exam - we'd like to have friends over for dinner maybe Friday or Saturday night... we'll see.

A peek into my day...

Just by looking at her face, What do you think?  Can you tell if this is a real scenario, or not?  Discuss.

Linking up today with Peggy, from the Simple Woman's Daybook.


  1. I'd say Aubrey is imitating her nursing mama... : )

    Praying for Caleb to be well.

  2. A lovely evening out...just what a mama needed. God has perfect timing. ;o)

  3. Bevy,
    I feel your pain. I was noticing just this morning how the dust is beginning to thicken here at home. As of this coming Wednesday, I will have worked 9 out of 10 days and if you count nursery duty at church as work, than it will be 10 days out of 10. I realize for some this is normal, however, not the case for me. I too don't know what to make for dinner tonight, but I do know I won't feel like it!! Thursday will be my laundry day this week. Averaging about 6-7 loads. Right now, I'm reading Ree Drummonds book. Among others!! Just an ordinary life for me!! Enjoy the sunshine.

  4. Bevy, I just love the Daybook posts! They are one of my favorite kind of posts.

    Today is Wednesday, so according to your post you will be seeing the surgeon today. I will keep you in my prayers!

    Sounds like you had a lovely time with the ladies from church. I think every Mama needs some time off once in a while. I know I could use some!

    Oh, books! I have way too many to read also, and adding that to my piles of homemaking and recipe magazines, oh my! I need a vacation!

    Good luck at the doctors!

    1. Thank you, Johanna...

      for your thoughts.
      Your prayers.

      Your email. ;)


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