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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bags by Bevy :: Thinking of...

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The promise of Spring!  Meadow Green style...

Yes, thinking of Spring, today, with this large, over-the-shoulder, single strap tote (Messenger Bag!).  This is a RESERVED BAG for a lady named Michelle K.  I consider it a SOLD bag.  But, I thought I would share it with you anyway...

:: Meadow Green ::
Messenger type bag!

Next, I'm thinking of my Mother-in-Law!  She asked me to make her a Tea Wallet for two tea bags..
So...this one will be gifted out to her!

Because you are loved - Susie Mom!!  I know it's been a rough winter on you... I wish you a healthier Spring!

For more of the same you can visit my etsy shop...
Just wanted to show you (be accountable!) to the sewing projects I say I'm working on.. :)

Here is one more!  I don't remember sharing this one with you.. forgive me if I have.

Thinking of you today, as well, Kate.  To explain.  This skirt was gifted -the other week - to an older gal-friend of my daughter Aubrey.  Aubrey picked the fabric because she knew that Kate loves "Red".

We named it "Daisy Love"..

Can you tell we are getting ready for Spring?  I mean, really, really ready...
Hope you got to enjoy some warmer weather today or at least some sunshine!  I know we did!  I don't know how many robins we saw today...

The promise is here, for sure!


  1. You are so creative Bevy! I love my little tea cozy purse... Love it! I visited your Etsy page and fell in love with the linen rose pendant...ordered it.. Can't wait to get it.. Such a great idea.. We have had sunshine today... it was wonderful.. lots of snow still on ground but melting away as the sun continues to shine.. Have a great day! Blessings!

    1. Oh Thank you! Patty. - I took notice and we'll get this linen brooch out to you ASAP!

      Yes! beautiful sunshine here as well and our story is the same as yours... plenty of snow lying around but melting away as the sun shines.

      May you feel HIS warmth in your heart and home today!

  2. Bevy - I have a feeling I will visit more often and *hopefully* comment more often since I feel so far away from you! :)

    Your scones have been delicious. Mmmm... SO good with a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Thank you!!

    I forgot to call the trash company. I assume they didn't take the bin? Sorry. :( I have been so distracted still.

    I love this style of bag you have been making... and the green fabric is pretty pretty. I sure do hope that Spring pops around the corner awful fast!

    As soon as we are back to *normal* health wise, you need to come on over for a visit!

  3. A tea wallet!! I love that idea. I'm always looking for peppermint tea bags I throw in my bag. What a civilized way to transport our favourite brew. I'll have to poke around your etsy shop.

    Dotti xx


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