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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Exciting Achievements and Activities ahead...

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Well... if this don't make a Mamma family excited and proud... I don't know what does? 

Our 6 yr old came home from school, just yesterday, with this (surprise!) Invitation and congratulatory message regarding artwork that she, Aubrey, had done recently in school.

Dear Aubrey,
Congratulations!  Your artwork has been selected to be displayed in this year's Youth Art Month Exhibit.  This exhibit showcases outstanding work by SASD artists in Kindergarten through 12th Grade and honors creativity and artistic achievement.

((Please attend the Artist Reception on March 5th!))...

Congratulations on the artistic excellence you have demonstrated to attain this honor! 

Ms. Sxxxxxxxx

Work on display: Butterfly

So, we're extending the Invitation to you, as well... to all our local friends!

Come on out to Indian Valley Public Library to view this fine exhibit anytime during regular library hours from March 1st through March 30th.

I'll update this post as soon as I am able - with photos of the actual artwork and the budding artist, herself.   Aubrey's been talking about this Butterfly piece she's been working on, in school, but we as a family have yet to see it.

I'm super excited to view this exhibit, myself...
It feels like we're having our own Anne (of Green Gables) moment!

I'm so proud of my little girl!
She was learning symmetry in her art class... and this is how or why her entry was selected.
The Butterfly!

In other news...
All of us, but the youngest, are looking forward to going on a weekend (one-night, one day) overnight excursion with our son's Scout Pack, on this coming Friday night!  My husband is Cubmaster.  We'll be touring and sleeping on the Battleship New Jersey.  A little nervous excitement going on around here - to say the least.  Pictures will be sure to follow - although, I'm not making any promises...not sure if I'll be taking my camera as of yet.
Caleb says (in jest) he'll be sure I, as mom, will either walk the plank or swab the poop deck.  All I answer is, Arrggg Matey!

I'm praying that my ear issue will calm down - before this!

Jayne (3yrs) is super-duper excited to be going to Grandma's overnight... her first time for this, that she remembers!!  She's been talking about this 24/7 since she's first heard about this and her bags are packed with every teddy bear and stuffed animal she can think of... :)
She is not one bit concerned that she isn't going where the rest of us are.

May you have a wonderful weekend, and God's richest blessings be yours!


  1. Congratulations to Aubrey!! Great job!! I hope you all have fun on your battleship excursion, too. I'm sure Jayne will think she got the best part of the deal, getting to be spoiled by Grandma! Have a blessed weekend!!

  2. What FUN...three times over! The art exhibit...the overnighter with your two older children...the sleepover for Jayne! Sorry your ear is still bothering you. Praying for you right now. Have a lovely weekend. XO

  3. Wow.. it does make a mama proud.. Especially, art.. smile.. Have fun with
    your family this weekend.. Sounds awesome.. God bless. xo

  4. Fantastic!!! I love art and love to see children enjoying it too! This was super to see!

  5. Congratulations Aubrey!!! That's fantastic!! SOO wish I could come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm glad your getting a warm up this weekend...for when you ALL come HERE!!!!! :D In response to your comment on my blog - You are NOT getting out of it - OF COURSE we want you all!! SOOOO excited....might even have taken on a little project in anticipation of your arrival and stay!!!! ;) hehehe!!
    Praying your ear heals up quickly!!! ♥

  6. Congrats Aubrey! Savannah, Isabelle, Benjamin are all so proud of you and so is uncle Chris and Aunt Mitzi!! Wish we could see your picture. Will you show it on your mommy's blog ?

    LOVE from us all!

  7. So happy for Aubrey -- and all of you! Have fun on your overnighter. I hope you take your camera and get some pictures. Even though it is so close to me (right across the river) I have never been on it. Would love to see it. I'll be praying your ear problem clears up.


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