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Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring! Changes. Could it be?

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While driving through town, the other day... I noticed something. I noticed people.  Smiling.  Laughing! Walking differently. Fast.  Slow.

Over and through puddles collected on the sidewalks...

Spring is in the air... at least - we hope! That day the pavement was wet with melting snow, the sun was shining and the temps were warmer - asking only for a spring jacket.  The birds were and still are singing...differently!  Have you noticed, this??

I had to smile...

We're walking with a Spring in our step, people!!
At least, some of us have a bounce in our spring.  Some of us are more at a wobble and hobble. :)  In the midst of a very crazy prep week, last week... our youngest was begging to go outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. I didn't blame her.  Spring is on it's way - after all...
She insisted on her princess dress and rain boots (Ahem!! This was pretty much her attire for the whole week, during the day).  Hey... it works for me!

Our family has just come off of a back-to-back banquet weekend.  Our weekend was very busy!  But wonderfully good!!
One event was a Blue & Gold Banquet (for our son's cub scouts) - catered and decorated.

This board was a game challenge we had put together. ..for the FPU class.
 The other was a Graduation/Pizza Party as we rounded out our last class of another Financial Peace University - nine week session.
I wish I would have taken more photos...
We had a great class - we met so many wonderful people and their stories are amazing!
We're so sad it's over already.

 Both of these events, Scott and I have had a major part in... and we couldn't have done without ALL the help that came our way to pull it off.  We're just pooped!  Hence, the hobbly, wobbly statement...
We're also anticipating some answers this week... due to a potential job change for Scott.  Same place of employment, for him - it would be just a lateral and upward move, if it happens.  We're praying... as this would be a nice change - but it isn't necessary.  Scott likes where and what he's currently working...
We'll see, what happens!
We're also counting down days to a family vacation - heading to visit some dear blogging friends, who live in Canada.  You'll be jealous once you find out who it is...
These are folks we have not met - yet, as in face-to-face.  However, our souls have met.  We have talked via email and over the phone a lot (even our husbands!)... we (already) consider these friends - as kindred spirits.

We're also looking forward to opening up our home, again, to more avenues of hospitality.  Reconnecting with dear old friends, and fremily, around our kitchen table, once more... and, as well, seeing a change of immediate next-door neighbors.

You might say the "nest" is getting fluffed and feathered....
Spring always brings change!  Doesn't it??

We also are counting down days to a wedding in the family!
My brother and his girl are getting married - end of April.

My girls are excited - to be a part of this special day!  We all are!  We love - absolutely adore! - Kelsey.

So... some sewing & gifting is in order.
We'll talk more about all these things another time.

Just wanted to let you know - so you're not left to wondering. :)
I'm planning on taking a small Spring Break - from blogging for a bit.

Oh!  And, I also updated Aubrey's artwork (this post!) ...  some of you have been waiting to see this!

Until next time...


  1. Yep my granddaughter has worn her princess dress all weekend too lol. Spring is definitely in the air. The cupcakes looked delicious. Enjoy your break and travel safely.

  2. I love Aubrey's butterfly!! The colours are wonderful, so bright and vibrant!!!! Busy, busy people, you all have been! I hope those Canadian friends of yours are hospitable and let you rest! ;) heheheheh!!! Jealous?! I think people would only be jealous that you are visiting us and not them! ;) I appreciate the sweet words!! I agree, definitely kindred!!! I feel like we have 'old' friends coming to stay and forget we have yet to official met! hahahah!! I'll forget you won't even know your way around, 'cause I think we are just that chummy! Ah, soon enough!!!! And it DID feel just like your Spring day here, the other day...but since we've had another dusting of snow....so though it is getting warmer, it's not time to pack away the snow pants just yet! But I have noticed the Spring song birds and that is wonderful!!!!!

  3. My goodness you have been busy ! Lovely photos , Congrats to your brother . I hope all works out well for your husband with the job . Hey so your coming to our great north of Canada welcome I hope you and your family have a wonderful time with your friends . Yes there is a spring in our step here for sure it is a wonderful feeling ! Thanks for sharing , lovely photos and post . Have a good day !

  4. Busy girl... and yes a spring break sounds nice... today it was 70 degrees and we saw a robin in the yard as well as a yellow flower in the yard... Spring has sprung a little but weatherman says, colder temps on the way... in the 30's this weekend... but soon enough Spring will be here for good... Enjoy and good luck to Scott on his job change... hugs...

  5. I think we are all feeling a longing for Spring this year; it seems perhaps that the whole nation is feeling it. I think it is the hope of the Lord we long for don't you? Spring is an expression of that. Love your updates. You are all busy with wonderful things. I will say a prayer for job change possibility. So many changes happening right now with so many that I know. It is all good though. The Lord is doing new things all around. Love Aubry's art work, and always enjoy your pictures. Blessings and happy spring to you all.

  6. Spring is just a wonderful season! I hope you enjoy your trip to Canada, how fun! That is where we went on our honeymoon ;) And to meet some blogging friends, that sounds so neat! May the rest of your week be filled with good weather and so sorry you had to rip your clothes from the line! I was contemplating ours today but there have been a few drizzles and I am going to hold back after hearing your tale :)


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