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Friday, October 23, 2015

{day 23} Whispers of the Heart! :: Five Minute Friday | Joy & Courage

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When expressing joy takes courage.  Because sometimes, it does.

 You know the kinds of days when its really, really hard.  Those kind.  And you have to rise above and it's almost impossible to do so...?

This afternoon, I was out with my daughter and her classmates, after school, for a little lunch and playtime at the nearby park.  This park is an old(er) park... it's been around for awhile.  But, what I noticed were the tall, tall trees, big and round.  This time of year, their colors perfect.  It made for a lovely landscape and all for our enjoyment, to say the least.

 I'm so glad I had my camera along!!  I was trying to get a few photos of my daughter - but she couldn't stay in one spot long enough... She was so excited and having way too much fun!!

So, but... these trees, like I said, have been around for even longer than I can imagine.  I mentioned big and round, and tall.  They've been here - weathering the storms of life.  There've been many, I'm sure.
Can I take liberty to say... that these trees not only need courage to stand tall, they exemplify courage.  They have joy in their hands, in doing so.  Why do I think this?  Their colors are so vibrant.  So strong.  Time has proven their ability to show their strength. And this is - right now - is the season of rejoicing! If these trees could share stories, I bet they would - over and over again.

 The scripture in Isaiah 55:12 comes to mind... as I type.  It says;
For you shall go out with joy,
And be led forth in peace;
The mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you,
And all the trees if the field shall clap their hands.

 Right now these trees can.  They can celebrate.  They can give honor to their Maker!
For surely there are hard day's coming, up ahead.
Listen friend.  Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

Heavenly Father... redeem my words, here tonight.  I'm super duper tired but I trust this all made sense.  I want to be a tree of life and encouragement to those around me.  I do not want to be a dry tree.  I may be around for a while and while storms and hard times come my way.  Make me stronger.  Despite all of these things I would face.. that my hands would still clap for joy.  For YOU are my strength and song.  Lord, you are the one to whom I give my all to.  You are worthy... to receive blessing and honor... may my life show this truly.  Every. single. day!

How about you?  Are you on fire for God?  Can you show him praise and adoration even when facing hard times.  Can you share a time when you might have had to put this practice?
Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.  This post prompt with Five Minute Friday was the word: Joy.

I'm also taking on the challenge in linking this post with Tuesday @ Ten, as well.  This prompt was the word: Courage.


  1. Beautiful and encouraging thank you! I too do not want to be a dry tree.

  2. Bevy girl, you capture so much beauty and God is in this, all of this, and you are doing great. I have been having some of those hard days with family, just negative words, all around me, and I seem to just give in and allow it to tear me down. I know some are ill, but it is so hard to go and visit with them when they are lashing out... and I promised myself that I wasn't gonna go around in those conditions BUT something tugged on my heart and I went anyway last night... Actually had a wonderful visit, family member was pleasant, still a little rigid around the edges with his words, but not towards me.. I pray for God to give me Courage to face these hard days and it looks like I will have more of those days than I desire, but I must walk it.. just like Jesus did.. I find when facing days like these, I let go of God and become all Human, which I so dislike, oh don't get me wrong I don't lash out I just cry and the hurt goes deep.. then I stay away, and that is something I know this family member does not want.. I often think, why is days like this becoming more and more and in all honesty, I think he is afraid, he once was a Christian a true believer, and oh how he can quote the Bible but in his older years he has made rules of his own to go along side his demeanor, his words, his actions... So if you will Pray for him, pray he finds true salvation again, pray for him to have Courage in his days, and Pray that he feels love from us all.. Pray that his wife of 25 years treats him better, pray that she realizes life isn't just about money, pray that she will realize what a good man she married because she did, and pray that she has patience with him. Bevy this is all about my Dad... I can see my step mom wants out, she got his good days, and now only wants the monetary of what is left of his life. I was actually told that she didn't want the responsibility of taking care of him.. and I wonder if this is why the hard days are coming closer and closer together I wonder if he sees it too. He loves her so, but I am sure that is not her case at all. She talked long and hard with me, (I am the oldest girl) and I simply told her it was her choice, she could honor her vow and what God has put in front of her, or she can walk away and be free.. and myself and my sister would take him in and care for him.. I just find it sad on how someone could go thru this precious life just focused on Money... and what saddens me most is that he was introduced to her in church by a friend, and both were good christian god fearing people, and over the years they both have swayed away.. So thank you for posting this, it helps me write as you know and as you can tell ;) but this has been a blessing to me... and I thank you for your prayers and friendship always...


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