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Sunday, October 25, 2015

{day 25} Whispers from the Heart! :: crash

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Crash.... and that's the sound you hear immediately upon impact!

Something hits hard.  And, let the pieces fall where they may.  Sometimes those pieces are words that penetrate and really hurt deep.  Sometimes those pieces are words that are simply spoken in love but - ooooh, do they ever sting.  Sometimes it knocks you so hard upside the head - you're spinning for days on end.  Oh, do they ever hurt.  Cutting to the very core.  And you wonder why such an impact?

Why with such force?  Is it because it's nothing but hardened hearts that we're made of?

Here is something to consider.

So, I mentioned words spoken in love.  They come softly, like a petal to the ground... but somehow they still sting.  They smart.  They bring cause for pause.  Honestly, I think we need this.  I need this.
Love hurts like this.  Like a crash and burn kinda feeling.  Like a pulled-apart, tossed up feeling.

The reeling leaves you helpless...and alone.

Here is an example.
Often while reading to my kiddos their daily nighttime devotional...yes, while geared to their young hearts... the words have severe impact on me, on us - as parents and adults, just the same.
Wow!  Sometimes... words, they really hit home.

I'm so grateful.  Truth is, this is the power of God's Word to our hearts.
 His word is truth.
Truth reveals.
Truth teaches.
Truth is love in action.
Truth brings you home.
A place to heal and garner courage for the next blow that may come.
Who's to say it won't happen again.  Because it will.
Truth always comes.

Wow. Lord.  Does life really have to be this real?  Yes, it does - and I thank you.
Thank you for this truth factor that doesn't care how hard it hits.  Because obviously, it needs to.  At least for me, it does.  And, I pray this for family and friends.  That your love would leave such an impact on their hardened hearts... impress them with your mercy and grace.  Just as you've done mine...and in what and how you continue to have to do.
I need you!
I need this crash-course in learning and understanding your ways.   And, sometimes it's all in how the words have to come across to get me to see and understand.  Otherwise, I wouldn't.

How about you?  Have there been times of hard-words for you?  Truths that beckon change and challenge the will  - oh but that even the ones spoken softly and in love would have the same sort of impact?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

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  1. Great post.. Not much to say, feeling super tired.. but this is such a great word to ponder on... Thank you... Have a great week...


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