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Friday, March 9, 2018

fmf link up :: tired

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A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired.

I know that is meant to be a funny.  And, it is.
I immediately saw this word prompt and thought of this photo I had taken from a couple of snows ago - and decided to use this "play on words", with this word, for the Five Minute Friday.  Tired.

Forgive me, but I do think I can pull this all together.  :)

 So... I can relate to this bicycle sitting in between these other two bikes.  It looks like it's lost its footing.  It's balance.  It looks "tired".  Weighed down by the weight of the snow or maybe the wind toppled it - whatever happened.  I can relate.

I need others to keep me upright.   I can't stand alone.  Or, at least, I need them to stand by to keep me from truly falling.

We're never meant to be alone, the Bible says.

I have been really pondering the strength and beauty of relationships...and how we need one another.  I'll admit there are times... I would rather have the peace and quiet...no one needing me for anything.  No one demanding my attention.   But - at the end of the day.  It is super nice to feel supported and "needed".  We need the strength that Jesus and others provide.

tired- joining in for Five Minute Friday - taking just five minutes and writing 
whatever comes to mind, on the given word prompt.


  1. Beautiful Bev,
    I love this sentence: We're never meant to be alone, the Bible says.
    And your post is very calming. Knowing Christ - we are never alone. And He said He will never leave us. I guess that teaches us that we never leave others either.
    #55 FMF

  2. You certainly did pull it all together, my friend. The picture and your description of how we need one another in order to hold each other up in relationships is something I've been pondering since your last post. Thank you for thought povoking posts, Bevy.

    1. You're welcome Dianna. The thing is... and you're gonna laugh... is I had taken the photo a couple of "snows" ago and with the "play on words"... I'm thinking ahhh... bikes!!!! Only to realize that the middle one was truly over on its side... hence the rest of the post came together... I could relate. I NEED support, encouragement, Friendships.... more than I realize. You are a dear friend.

  3. I so can relate to all of this.. With this post, Well Done.. XO

    1. Oh, thank you Connie. I know. I know. Many hugs, thoughts and prayers, my friend!!

  4. I love the play on words! And it's so true that we need each other. None of us can stand alone. Visiting from FMF #49.

  5. I can just picture myself as the worn out and tired bicycle. I am thankful for my tribe of friends which pulls me when I grow tired and weary. I'm in the #8 spot this week.

  6. So many "heavy" posts this week. So many burdens. I enjoyed your photo...and your humor:) Enjoyed your post, too! Happy Monday!

  7. I hear you on the tired thing (although my tiredness is coming from insomnia.)


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