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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guest Post, number two!!

Well, welcome to my Guest Post, number two.  Surprise, Surprise?!?!?!?  I've asked my dear friend Amiee from over at Batty Bird to share a few thoughts, for you today - since I'm not around.  ;)

She completely blessed me; reducing me to tears and causing me to laugh out loud (one of which is easier for me to do than the other) as I read what she wrote for this post.  I had no idea what she was going to write about and needless to say, she pretty much spelled it out for you ~ as to our friendship. 

Sort of like a sister is with sister, you know!?!?


Hello there Ponderlings!

Bevy, or Noodle as I like to call her, hasn’t come up with a name for her beloved followers as of yet…I’m not even sure if it has crossed her mind. But this Batty Bird loves to nickname most everything and everyone, so my vote is “Ponderlings”. It fits. I would call you all Fred, but I don’t think Noodle would go for that. If you haven’t guessed it yet I am Amiee or Maude , whichever you like. When Noodle asked me to write a post for her Blog I asked her for a topic but she didn’t help me out at all! What to write? What to write?

I think I will just reminisce for a bit and see where my ramblings take us…

Noodle and I have been friends for like forever…about 14ish years I think. (Is that true Noodle?) Anyway, it seems like forever in a good way. Noodle and I have shared so many moments together through the years…the ordinary and adventurous…the happy and the sad…the quiet questioning and the joyful sharing…so many sweet moments. If only her old green couch could talk, oh the stories it would tell. We shared many a laugh and many a tear on that couch. I can still picture her and I sitting there, Bevy trying to get me to rub her feet and me plainly saying NO. (I don’t like feet. Yuck!) We would watch a movie while enjoying some “decadent” creation along with coffee of course and then in the wee hours, long after I should have gone home, the conversation would begin. The pouring out of our hearts’ desires and struggles that turned into sharing hope and trust in God’s plan for our lives. I really miss that old green couch.

When the opportunity came for us to share the old farmhouse together it seemed like a natural thing to do, there was no one else that I could imagine sharing space with. It was great setup because we each had our own living room, kitchen, bathroom & bedroom but split the rent. We shared a door between my kitchen and Bev’s living room. It was open when we wanted to hangout and closed when we needed alone time. It worked for us. Like Bevy has shared in a recent post, I loved to sit on the little red stool in her kitchen. I battled depression pretty hard while living in the old farm house and there were times I just didn’t want to be alone, so I would find my way to Bevy’s kitchen and plant myself on the little red stool. It was and still is one of my favorite places.

I learned to love and appreciate Bevy in a new way during those years living in an old farmhouse…A very old house that seemed to be overrunning with mice. Which wasn’t aided by of my hatred of doing dishes…there was always good eating for a little mouse in my kitchen. Anyway, while I would be crying and screaming in fear Bevy would calmly take care of our little “friends”. I still can’t do what she did so calmly on a regular basis…I get the willies just thinking about emptying a mouse trap! I even used to watch her in hopes that it would build my courage, but it didn’t help in the least! We started naming our little visitors so that when I yelled (and cursed) I could call them by name. Over time I started talking to them using their name and it helped to calm my nervous system so that I didn’t freak out quite as much upon each sighting. The only thing is that now when they died a horrible mousy death I cried because I knew who the little mousy friend was who died…poor little Napoleon or Napoleon Nicodemus or Napoleon II or Fred or Bob or Fred Bob or Baby Bob…I cried a tear for each one! Bonus points for the creative names.

Our time in that old house saw many precious Amiee and Bevy moments, some prettier than others. No regrets for me, I am thankful for the season that these two batty birds had sharing a house together. Life continues to flow along and we are both in new seasons. I love looking back and remembering the prayers prayed while sitting on that old green couch, the tears shared over a decadent dessert, the laughter while we were off on our latest adventure and the many little red stool moments shared. I love that after all of these years we are still friends and that there are many more precious Amiee and Bevy moments to be had.

I love you dear friend!


Well, I love you too my friend. 

Thanks to Amiee for bringing back some great memories. 

I do dare say that I'm not one to gloat over my mouse-rescuing (Is it really called a rescue if you're already dead?) abilities.
Amiee, do you remember the one (I forget its name) who drowned it in the basement's sump pump, and I had to literally fish it out, while you stood behind me adding your sweet drama?  Yeah...that was you.  Funny girl.  Can't wait till we/I get the nerve up to share our SNAKE story. 

Maybe their will be encore and you'll get to come back and "guest post" again.  ;)

Any way.  Now that you all know me by my nic-name; NOODLE, you can just go on over to Amiee's blog, Batty Bird... say hello!... and show her some love. 

I know I can count on, you,  my "Ponderlings" to follow through. ;)


  1. What a great post!

    How blessed you are to have such a wonderful friend. Sounds like you two have a lot of great memories. Glad you were there to help with the mice. :)

  2. The words, created some great pictures, in my mind.
    Good friends and good memories.

  3. Bev is such a creative person! Love the blog and I am with you, i can't dispose of a loaded mouse trap either! But I would love to know, who unloads your traps now?

  4. Funny thing...I needed to read this today. I know I wrote it...but today was one of those days and it was good to remember. As for the traps now...I live in a trap free home. Yup, all of my neighbors have cats and I have lived mouse free for a little over a year now. Hooray! If for some reason I do develop a mouse problem I plan on calling Bev..she is only a mile away. If anything it will give her a good chuckle. :)

  5. Oh, Aimee! I remember the couch and can easily picture the good times you and Bev shared! I got to be on that couch once or twice with you both - remember?
    My question about your post is this sentence:
    "....the tears shared over a decadent dessert..."
    Why on earth would one shed tears over a decadent dessert?! A burnt dessert, maybe. A gross dessert, sure. But a DECADENT dessert? They make ME smile and smile and even giggle a bit! :) hehehhe
    LOVE ya!


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