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Monday, July 5, 2010

~ this thing called day ~

I was trying really, really hard, one day, last week, to capture this...

t * h * i * n * g

....this certain look...
.... this certain feeling!

I tried different places... like, down low to the ground...

...as high to the sky as I could...
...the biggest, emptiest jar...
that I could possibly find.  

With the smallest mouth to keep it all from escaping...
that I could possibly find.

I wanted to collect this thing called D*A *Y into a bottle, to hang on to it, and keep it forever.

It was an A*B*S*O*L*U*T*L*Y gorgeous
- the most perfect kind of day!!

Did you at least take time to look up and see the clouds??

This last photo was from later in the day as my Mother-in-law gave me this beautiful bouquet of Coneflower (or Echinacea), from her flowerbeds.

What else could make this day a beautiful one, you wonder? Twas the fact that Susie-Mom (a.k.a. Grandma Susie) wanted to have both Caleb and Aubrey over first thing in the morning and wanted me to turn right around, go home and sew.  She gave them breakfast and lunch and sew-away I did.   It was wonderful...

Here is a snippet of yet another SOLD bag. 

~ Earth & Beauty~

 I'm only showing part of it - because the recipient has yet to see it, in it's entirety, and she is giving it as a gift to someone else who I have no idea if she reads this blog or not.  I don't want to ruin any surprises.

So.  Back to this thing called day.  If I could bottle last week up - I would have, in a heart beat.
It's to be really, really hot around these parts this whole week.  Try to keep cool... and drink lots of water.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Bev! And I absolutely LOVE that bag!!

  2. It was gorgeous last week. Perfect summer days. What a gorgeous bag! I love it!

  3. Your designs for your bags are getting better and better! This last one is really nice.

    When you captured D-A-Y in a bottle, I'll take 20 of them!

  4. So many times I wish I could capture it in a bottle.
    Ahhhh and then there is that hammock...
    I am a huge hammock fan!
    loved that shot!!!

  5. I'd love to spend an hour in your hammock just looking at those pretty corn flowers and enjoying that perfect day.


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