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Monday, November 22, 2010

Brokenness| Review of Chapter Two

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It was really neat to be gathered with the ladies again - for this past week's (last Monday) Ladies Discipleship Group.  If you recall... in last week's introduction and review of Chapter One, I was admitting to my many, many reasons for not wanting to attend.  I really believe the Lord has led me to be with this group of ladies and to dwell on the subject of Brokenness. And for that I am grateful.

I just want to add at the outset "a disclaimer" of sorts.

This series of postings on the subject of Brokenness is in no way to add my view or ideas, nor is it to "reteach" the class. It's just a way for myself to be accountable to myself and to journal the path of Brokenness the Lord may or is leading me on.
I share it with you, so you can be praying for me and with me. This isn't an easy walk and I'm sure it's only going to get more intense, as we go along.

* * * *

So, what is Brokenness?

I didn't really share my answer that day -although others were chiming in with their thoughts and there were several ideas mentioned, in the (2nd) chapter, as to what true brokenness looks like.
Here is what I thought of:  To me, true brokenness is like coming to the end of yourself.  Remember my Reckless Abandonment post? 

We talked a lot about "practicing His presence" and desiring to spend time with Him.  Because, true brokenness has both a vertical and a horizontal dimension to it.  If we're with Him (in the vertical sense of the word) - coming to Him with true humility of heart - than all of our relationships (what is horizontal) will also be full of humility - reflecting Jesus as the light of our life. 
Quoting from the book: One writer has likened our lives to a house with a roof and walls.  For our hearts to be revived, the roof must come off (brokenness toward God) and the walls must come down (brokenness toward man).

Even though it often feels like this...we are not each other's enemy.  The Lord will often use others in their weaknesses to grow us up by bringing along the process of sanctification for us.  Generally it is a lot easier to see areas of pride or weakness in someone else before we realize it about our own self.

I really appreciated hearing this.  I needed this reminder.

: : Have you ever asked someone else if they've noticed an area of pride or weakness in your life?  Did you welcome their perspective - walls down - and - with roof off - take that to the Lord to further evaluate?

Was it about humiliation or true humility?  I think there is a difference...


  1. Bev...I enjoy your blog soooo much. Thanks for taking the time do make it 'real'. Honey, you've really got to get more sleep :-) Deb C.

  2. HUGE difference between humiliation and true humility.
    Non-excepting and excepting.

  3. I'm so glad you are writing down what you are learning. It can only help us all.


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