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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leafme alone - I'm changing {Part Two}

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In a sense the gnarled, old tree is coming to an end of itself...only to realize that seasons really do come and go.   He knows that winter is coming.  He dreads that season too.  It's bleak, bare, dismal and so long in leaving.  He cannot fully comprehend the WINTER season that is barreling just around the corner.  In reality, winter is probably the most significant time of year for this tree to learn to appreciate.

But can he?  Will he ever?
(Part One, here)

Welcome to Part Two
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Winter '09
 When a tree is totally stripped of his leaves, he cannot help but notice that he is "naked". 
I see it as a picture of "Reckless Abandonment".  Stripped of ourselves, from ourselves to someone else as in God our Heavenly Father.

The snow that falls is the only comfort and beauty this gnarled, old tree has to look forward to.  It's a perfect covering; pure and white, laid fresh and clean and somehow a holy hush appears against the blackness of the usual winter scenes that this tree normally endures.

There is LIFE that will rebirth itself inside this tree.  Spring is the expression of that fact...

To be Continued...


  1. Hi Bevy:

    Loving this series! Anxious for Part 3!


  2. OHHH! You do like the element of suspense, don't you!!!! :)


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