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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Early Morning Calling

. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . .. .

This is all sort of tongue-in-cheek when I say I hear the Early Morning Calling.   You know we've had lots of geese in our pasture out back, recently - but none never as noisy as these two were the other morning

If your looking for quiet... it just wasn't.  It was early morning and those two were LOUD!!!

But, let me get serious.

I've been hearing the Early Morning Calling in the depths of my heart, loud and clear, here of late, but it's amazing the "noise" that is in battle for that position.  You know what I mean?

There seems to have been, perhaps a few sermons, a few blog posts- read, a few conversations with friends, a few "knowings/longings" in and of my own... that makes me want to just begin again.  Start anew.  Be refreshed on a (more) regular, consistent way.

I'm talking about my desire for communion with God - Early Morning Style.  The Calling is "loud and clear" - but the "noise" of my heart is (amazingly) louder.  It's really a struggle...

Why?  Why is that?

This noise comes in many different ways...

*I've tried the front porch - but the neighbors were up and getting their day started (we sort of share front porches).
*The birds were singing beautifully - but that mockingbird was non-stop in his mocking.
*The Little's ones woke up and needed me...immediately.
*The alarm goes off and I feel hubby pull me in closer - for another snuggle (I'm not complaining - I rather love it...)
*The alarm simply going off - so soon.  Already?
*We have somewhere to be, at a certain time in the morning and it's all we can do to get out that front door...
*The mental list of "to-do"; the Rolodex... flipping it's pages in my mind.

how about this one...

* The handwritten notes in the sideline-margin of my (very own) Bible can even be distracting.

It's these sorts of things - that are noisy (for me).

And, then sometimes I wonder if it just isn't plain and simple - fear.

Fear for the fact that my inconsistencies, over time- in the past, in reading God's Word, on a regular basis, will overshadow my desire to 'be more faithful' for the future.

I have good moments... just not enough.

What does your Early Morning Calling sound like?


  1. I'm currently struggling with so many of those same distractions, so I really don't have any great advice for you! I will pray for both of us to be able to find/make time for good communion with the Lord.

    (I also sent you a message on Facebook--I just today saw your note to me--sorry!)

  2. Don't let the devil get in the way!


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