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Monday, March 18, 2013

Wow! If that wasn't a weekend to remember...

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I hardly know where to start on this blog post.  I told you last week, after my surgery update, that I was going to try and come back, later in the week, with a *new* recipe... and I tried.  It's in the cue.. but not ready to publish.  ;(

Because.  Unknown to me.  My hubby had other plans for me, this week!
Surprise!  Surprise!
My husband, Scott, gave me a gift.
"A Weekend To Remember"

A Marriage Enrichment conference put out by Family Life - with Barbara and Dennis Rainey.


A weekend; very timely, very needed, and very much appreciated.
Apparently, this "plan" had been in the works for the past two months. Which really knocks my socks off... because if you knew my husband, I cannot believe how well he pulled this off -all while doing his schooling.  Well, maybe I can. He has done this before with our Honeymoon - and that is another story!, for another time.

But Lately... It's been a tough season of *connecting* for us with him in constant school mode.  In fact, as of this past week, he just wrapped up an 8-week course in a, what is called, a 10-day BOOT CAMP course (which he passed!)- and because of school, a lot of times our communication is and can be sparse and cliche... if you know what I mean?  Not intentionally ... it just is.

 I love this photo of my man shooting pool.  I must have jumped when he took his shot... because of the blurry photo.  But I like how it turned out.  We took some time in between sessions to play a quick game.  His first in six years... mine?? Can we say... a first, first?  We would have liked to do a little more of this...and probably will in our future.  Billiards is something that Scott can say he is a reigning champ in - we have trophies- from back in the day...but I'll let him talk about that another time, if he chooses to.

Skytop Lodge (in the Poconos of PA) is one gorgeous place, as you can tell.

First, as you know, I had surgery earlier this week. (hence the flower photos there at the top) Scott had time off from work, all this past week, with vacation that needed to be used up or he lost it.  And.. with that - it was perfect timing that he wrapped up this 'boot camp' science class on Wednesday. 
So.  The timing of this weekend getaway couldn't have been more perfect.  Although, Scott tells me that he had to finagle quite a bit, with our schedule, our responsibilities, our friends and family and our whatever else to make this all come together.

You know, I learned a lot this weekend.

A lot about me, myself and I.
A lot about my man.
A lot about my Lord & Saviour.
I was reminded of what HE wants for my/our marriage.
I learned about statistics.
If I thought we had it "bad". I learned that there are a lot of folks out there worse off; Ones who are so much more on some hard times..desperate times than where I ever thought I was.   But... it could easily happen to me... that is what is so hard to take in.  That slow drift..

For Scott and I - I appreciated going to this conference with it being a place of "guideline and guard rail", for us, and not a place to pick up and pick out the crash victims apart from the train wreck...

I learned that today was coming and that tomorrow and the next day after that are coming as well and that Satan will try every which way to Sunday to bring on what he can to devour and destroy what God has instituted to be right and good.
((I just realized that it was almost a whole week of going without cooking in my kitchen from me and of my own two hands, that the meals have been brought and prepared by someone else or we've went out to eat or because of being at this conference.  Nice!! a wonderful treat for me every now and then..))

In fact to sum up this already oh-so-long post... I want to leave you with just a few reflective quotes that I brought home with me from the conference.

Oneness in marriage involves complete unity with each other.  It's more than a mere mingling of two humans - it's a tender merger of body, soul and spirit. ~ Dennis Rainey - Staying Close

"Remember, your spouse is not your enemy!"

The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman.  For I have accepted God's idea of me, and my whole life is an offering back to Him of all that I am, and all that He wants me to be.  ~ Elizabeth Elliot - Let Me Be a Woman

A supportive wife trusts her husband to make decisions even if they are sometimes wrong (from her perspective), trusting that God can correct and change him. ~ taken from the course manual..

"Love all ways."

And if I could share one way that this weekend has deepened my resolve as a wife and mother - I would say it this way...

The one way I can show my children that I love them will be to love their daddy even more.

If only that came out as eloquently as I feel it to be in my heart.

Again, I say.  Wow!  If that wasn't a weekend to remember - what was?
And, by the way... in case you were wondering.  Some dear friends of ours (a.k.a. Friemily), were brave enough to encourage us this getaway, they pleaded, and begged to, to take on and care for our three children, the whole entire weekend.  Love them to pieces!
Thank you for your patience in hearing from me..
Blessings to you in whatever you do and wherever you find your self going this week.


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooo lovely!! Okay...umm where to start?

    LOVE that Scott pulled this all together and was able to surprise you!! BIG shout out to him!!! :D

    What a gorgeous looking place - so pretty for a get away - but a get away that recharges the soul and your marriage - *swoon* ;)

    That pool playing shoot IS really neat!!!

    Those quotes are really good!! I especailly like the one from Elizabeth Elliot and the "Love all ways" - (ooo, that was good!)

    And OH MY - I ADORE that word you used there to describe your friends - Friemily - ADORE that!!! I so have people I'm redubbing this!!

    So glad you were blessed in this way!!! ♥

  2. What a sweet surprise, Bevy!! And what sweet 'friemily' you have. So glad you had a nice time.

  3. This post is so precious in so many ways.
    Glad, you were up to going.
    Happy, that Scott surprised you.
    Pleased, to see what a wonderful place to stay in.
    Joyful, to know you and Scott were "fed".
    Loving, the quotes you shared with us.
    Delighted, that you too, have Fremily to help out.


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