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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mugs & Muffins ::{Happy} Mother's Day Thoughts, Recipe and Giveaway! (GIVEAWAY - Now Closed!!)

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Welcome back to this addition of Mugs and Muffins...

The event that for, at least this year, the year of 2014, is going to come around "randomly" with not a lot of rhyme or reason.  But worth the wait each time.  I hope!
 Some of my *newest* friends, here, have been waiting patiently, oh-so-patiently, to see this segment come around again.  So, here we are!  A place for you to
Stay! and Savor the moment just for you.

A place where, I trust, you can feel most comfortable to share your thoughts and be a part...

As a quick refresher.  This is when and where I'd like this post to feel like you're with a nice circle of friends. Some you might know each other well, or at best - recognize each other's name, and others of you not so much.  All are welcome!!
And so, you find yourself, here! You're sitting down for a meeting (so to speak); sharing together a cup of coffee or hot tea and delving into a muffin.  Mmm, scrumptious...you'll murmur between bites. :)

Hopefully, you realize that it is just a muffin recipe that will do...and at least, this is where I'd like to think that you'll say these rhubarb muffins are scrumptious, because they are!!  I'm pretty sure I've shared this recipe before.  But, tis the season. :)

So, why don't we go ahead (pretend!); scoot up your chairs, pass the muffins, fill your mugs - afresh! and lets get started.  Shall we..?

The calendar told us yesterday that it was Mother's Day.  A day to celebrate.  Yes?  Was it day of celebration for you?

Some of you, readers, may not be Mother's. And, that is okay. This may be one of the hardest days of your life. I can understand this.  Some of you are Mothers; actually, most of you are!  And, some are also grandmothers.  I appreciate the diversity of those reading here, today.  It's humbling.  Humbling for so many reasons.  There are various seasons and situations we may find ourselves in.  Times of expectancy.  Times of loss.  Times that are full-blown, bursting wide open with JOY! and there are times of deep, deep heart-breaking pain.   A lot of which I can personally relate to.  However, I could ask so many of you, ladies, to share your thoughts and insight here, today, and it would serve us all to learn from one another.

Today.  I would like to share, with you, just a bit of  my story; a story that may be a bit hard to read.  Honestly, honesty goes deep here and transparency is key.  I hope you can read this today, with an open mind and a care to understand..

I grew up in a Conservative Mennonite family.  The oldest girl of nine (six girls; three boys - respectively).  So, it would be natural for me to say, all I ever wanted was to be a wife and a mother.  That was all I knew! In a way, I can say - "I already raised a family"... I was and had to be a big help to my mom.   My Mom was a great hero of mine - although, I wouldn't have thought about it as so, back then.
Now?  I see it...a lot.  My dad made a HUGE impact as well...
But we're talking about motherhood.
Again.  This was ALL I ever wanted.  And.  Not only just to be a mother... but to be the BEST one I could possibly be. The days of NOT being a wife and a mom seemed long and unending.  Would this ever change for me?  I prayed.  HARD! Finally, marriage.  Finally, a home of my own to keep.  Finally, eventually, motherhood.

When that dream did finally come to fruition, back in 2007, and quickly again in 2008, and when Motherhood, all of a sudden, quite quickly, was not what I expected; meaning, it wasn't full of the warm fuzzies and the lovey-dovey feelings, I had anticipated...something was wrong.  Instead of loving it I began hating it.  (I know.  Hate is a very strong word..)
I did not like being a Mom.  At all.  Parts of it, yes!  But, not really.
However! You must know.  I STILL loved my children.  I still do! (don't read what I didn't write/say!)   I love my kids very, very much.  Each one.  (keep reading, please..)

Still. I found it hard to be cute and snuggly.  I had an imagination and a smile - but, oh I found it hard to articulate that out to my little ones.  I struggled to "let go and enjoy"...
I wished, over and over, that I could get off the train.  The merry-go-round.  The whatever you wanted to call it.  I wanted out.
This was a thankless time.  And, I really felt the inconveniences of motherhood.  I realize we all have those thankless and inconvenient moments, come our way, as mom's, but I mean I really felt them..

As well, I strongly disliked (tempted to say it again - "hated") when loving and well-meaning friends would gently and graciously "remind me" of my desires - back in my single years.  They didn't know it, but it felt too much like a ton of salt in the wound.
All of this was...this was a stark realization, a truth of my heart, just a mere three years ago.

((At the time, of this realization, I had two little ones, close together in age, and another baby on the way!))


By the grace of God... those thoughts are no longer the same.  Those thoughts; they are no longer mine.
Do I still feel overwhelmed?  You bet I do.
Do I ever feel like walking?  You bet I do.
Do I ever feel like quitting?  You bet I do.
My nerves wear thin and I'm tired.

What changed, you ask?

I am not 100% sure, other than, I have come to embrace the calling that God has placed on my life.
Obviously... HE knows I can do this.
He has chosen me to do this job.
He has equipped me.  And, will continue to do so.
Only by HIS grace...can I do it.  It is nothing of me that makes me a better mom over another.
I needed HIM.  I still need Him.
I prayed.  I continue to pray.
I asked for HIS HELP...and He answered.  And, He always will.

As the kids grew, and continue to do so, so has our relationship, and that of my husband's.  We realize, all the more, being a family-team really matters.  By the way.  My husband is the most wonderful of father's there ever was in this world.  I'm so blessed to be the Mother of his children...and I tell him so.

However, currently we, as a family, are in a season that requires a lot of sacrifice and feelings of loneliness - for me.  There are many days when I feel the weight of what it would be like to be a single mom.  I get it!
(my husband has a full schedule & workload with employment and going to school, full-time!)
Still. We are very blessed.

It's hard.  But, again.  It's only a season.  And, I cling to that.
We have one another and we're in this together.

One of the neatest things about being a mom - for me! is the opportunity to visit memories of my childhood with my children and share life-lessons with them.  For instance - "the bike story" (the bike in above photo) is a repeat story and one I'll continue to share often.
It's a story of disobedience (on my part) and redemption (the part of my parents).
These story-moments happen a lot at bedtime.  My children will often beg, "Tell us a story of when you were a kid!", they'll say.

When I see my kids soaking up life, like a sponge, and enjoying; living out, their childhood, making up their own life-stories, I see it as a reflection of who they are because of me (and my husband's) influence.
Again. It's humbling. When the playful, fun-phrase " Oh no!  Here comes the Monster Mom..ahhhh" (and the kids go running off and away!)... becomes more of a reality than I wish. Even that has it's influences and its resemblance of truth.  I regret the selfishness I've displayed in the past.  Selfishness.  That can still rear it's ugly head and I have to surrender my heart, daily, to God's calling for me and my life.

When I hear my kids say I'm beautiful...still... after those ugly moments. And, I've apologized.  I'm humbled.
I see their fragileness.  Their need for affirmation. Their dependency (on me!)...and ultimately, their need for Jesus!
I see the way they look up to me.  The way they listen.   How both influenced and influential they are...
They need me.  I need them.
They bring me flowers, from the yard, in fistfuls.  They plant kisses - unexpectedly and I melt.  They smile and wink at me from across the room.  We sing!  We dance.  We cry.  Together.  They crave my approval...and I like theirs.  But we all know that doesn't always happen...because we're real.  I know when they're being deceitful and "as children are"...and they wonder how?
"Understand it is...because. I am your Mother!", I say.

These. are. my. blessings.
I don't ever want to take them for granted.

This is one awesome privilege and one awesome (huge!) responsibility.

It's not the how, or the what, but the WHO that will put the {happy} in Mother's Day! or any day, for that matter. 
Who is that??  Do you know?

Esther 9:28 ~ These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family...

{Happy} Mother's Day!

Aubrey recently entered a contest -a Mother's Day; Draw Your Mom! contest...and was selected as one of the winners.  ((I don't know.  There is something fun, to the fact; bragging on my five year old for getting published, in the newspaper.. for the very first time.))

Here she is - missing her first tooth!
At school.  The kids shared their thoughts on Mom this way. And it too, makes me smile.

Oh! Aubrey...
Caleb's thoughts...

Thank you for reading here, today!!

You'll get to share your reflections in the comments below and I can't wait to hear "your stories"... there.
:: Giveaway ::  NOW CLOSED!!

Teresa Jaye is *new*, local friend of mine.  I have mentioned her HERE, before, and suggested for you to stay tuned for something more from her.   Well, today is the day!
Teresa has donated a small Mixed Media Art Piece for the giveaway today.
 Isn't that wonderful?

Here is a link to her blog page that lists more (beautiful!) items Teresa would have for sale.

The rules for the giveaway are:
1.  Enter once by adding a comment, here, sharing a short story or memory of your own Mother or about yourself as a mom.  However the good, the bad and the ugly.  Honesty is key and it's okay...
It matters.  You matter!
2. Be a follower of my blog - and if you are already... just say so.  Otherwise, add a second comment saying you've decided to follow along here at Treasured Up and Pondered.
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Got that?  Participating in all three, will ensure you, at least three possible entries regarding this lovely little giveaway!!

PS:  I plan to add in a few other little speciality items to make this an extra fun surprise - sort of giveaway.

Best of everything!

The Giveaway ends, Wednesday at 10:00 pm, EST.  United States & Canada welcome!
The winner will be selected and notified sometime later this week.  If entering anonymously...be sure to include an email address so that you can be contacted.

:: Recipe ::

2 1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 egg, beaten
1 cup buttermilk or sour milk
2/3 cup oil
1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups diced fresh rhubarb

1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 Tbsp. butter, melted
2 tsp. cinnamon

Combine all dry ingredients and mix.  Add all the rest.  Put topping on.  Bake at 375* for 16-18 minutes.
Yield: 2 dozen muffins.

** These muffins are easy to freeze.  And, easy to grill! You read that right.  Grilled Muffins!
  Here is a delicious way to eat muffins that may have gotten "past their prime".  Split one in half, spread, the cut side, generously with butter.  Place buttered side down on hot griddle and grill, right in your frying pan.  You just might never be the same again.

Hope you enjoy!

I found these two articles over the weekend and found they were helpful for me to read...just something to think about.


  1. Dear Bevy,
    Loved hearing your heart on motherhood...and also the sanctification taking place these last few years. Humility in motherhood is a gift to be shared.

    The muffins look so delicious! Have you ever used any fruit besides rhubarb?
    Have a beautiful week, Bevy!

    1. Thanks for coming by Kristin - I've been missing you - here and there!! :) I know you are one of the finest examples of Motherhood and its gift(s). I love you, for that.

      Muffins? I don't know that with this recipe I have tried any other fruit. I would think apricots (dried and soaked to soften) would be good to try. That is if you like...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I felt like I should remove what I posted... hope you understand... :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh I so understand you feeling like a single mother while your husband is working and going to school. We went through that too a few years back , although I didn't have children still at home. I was sure lonely though for about 5 years. (our daughters and grandchildren live states away so I couldn't just run over to see them like I wanted to so badly)

    Thank you for being so transparent...and real. Being those things always helps so many others even when you have no idea that you are making a difference.

    Thank you for stopping by to see me on my blog today Bevy.

    Hope you have a great week,
    Lee Ann

  5. Oh wow Bevy!!!! THIS was a wonderfully honest, open and REAL post!!! I loved much of what you wrote because it was so open and well...just real!!!!

    AND oh.my.word - YOUR KIDS - that picture, those WORDS - A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously sweet and I love, LOVE that Aubrey drew you with laundry - HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! And I had no idea you played volleyball!!

    Okay...hmm....as for my memory - (in order to qualify for this neat-o give away - and YES I'm already a follower of you! ;) But that's old news!) A memory that I have of my mom and one that makes me laugh to this day is that, as a kid I thought I could NEVER be a mom. I was always in awe that when ever I asked my mom something, she knew the answers! She just did!! And I thought, there was no way I could ever know all that she knew, so there was no way I could ever be a mom! lol!!! I see now, that much of it is age, lessons learned and life skills but to a kid - to me as a kid - she was just plain amazing! ;)

    Blessings to you this week and again - thank you for a refreshingly real, soul baring, honestly lovely post!

    1. Talking about words.

      I asked my son, what does the part, on his paper mean of where he filled in the line. I like to "get" together with my mom. mean..? He said... "you know, when I come home from school and you ask me about my day or give me a hug..". (tear in the eye, right there!)

      And, the part about volley ball? Oh my... that was so long ago. I didn't even know he knew I used to play. That way before he was ever born...for sure!! :)

  6. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, Bev. Of course, I just loved the way your girl pictures her mom - standing at a laundry line. =) And I laughed out loud when I saw that your favorite thing to eat is 'meat sandwiches'. I'm laughing again even as I type this. =) Thanks again for sharing part of your story.

  7. I think back to the first time I met you Bevy and the one thing I've always admired about you is your humility. It takes a strong woman to be proud. But an EVEN stronger and godly one to be humble.

    Thanking the Lord today for this precious and humble testimony of motherhood.


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