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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

{Bags by Bevy} Daisy Love - repurposed

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I realize that I haven't shared anything in awhile from my Bags by Bevy side of things.  Completely unintentional.  It's just that not much has been happening there - that is, until recently.

Well.. I like to share stories, every now and then, regarding the happenings of my bag making... and so here is a small story of what this one is about.

My two young daughters have this one really, really tall friend.  I mean - she's like three of my youngest daughter, Jayne, standing from head to toe. And, so to hear my youngest talk about her and try to show other people just how tall she is - in her eyes... is kinda funny.  Katie is a tall girl... but a quite normal height, if I should say so myself.  However,  you should hear Jayne talk of her sweet friend Katie - who is also about three and a half times her age, as well.  Nonetheless... Katie is one of my girls' best friends.  All of ours - as a family - actually!  And so the request that came our way - my way, actually, was not a problem.  Not one single bit.

So - for a gift... one year.  Aubrey, the older of my two daughters, wanted me to make a skirt for Katie.  Using this red, white and blue daisy fabric.
Because, Katie loves red, she said.
 However, due to the amount of fabric that was available... I could only make it so long.  Remember - Katie is a tall girl. :) So,  I figured it would look fine with leggings or something... but... each to their own.  Katie had a different idea.

The request was...

Would I be able to repurpose this skirt and use it for a lining instead... for a messenger type bag??

I said sure.

So, began the task of measuring and figuring out just how much I would need to get the biggest bag as a possible using up all of the fabric of this skirt.


Here we are!!  The finished product and Katie has a new bag.  I think she really likes it especially with that adjustable strap.
Oh, and I did keep the name the same as the original skirt.

:: Daisy Love ::
Messenger bag  - w/ adjustable strap
Sold to Katie H.



I'm off to finish up two more Clothespin Bags - with their hand embroidery work.
And... today, I was also working on an etsy order for 12 tea wallets (which hold 2 tea bags each) - six are finished (just a little embroidery, left to do on those) and then... thirdly... another large tote bag order to make.
That bag order will be decided on and finalized - later this week.  It's another "custom" order - per say.

All due by July 18th, or sooner.  When it rains, it pours.

I feel blessed!

Sew :)  ... that's why I've been a little quiet in these parts this week!

Thanks for checking in anyway... I appreciate it!  And.. if you have a free moment and you feel like browsing my etsy shop ... that would be wonderful, too!

Until next time...


  1. You have thoughtful girls, and by the sounds of it, Katie is special too.. Beautiful bag, loved the name...

  2. That is really pretty!! Good to hear your etsy shop is hopping! I really should do some work and get mine up and running....

  3. Bevy I love your beautiful bags and I'm so glad that you have so many orders. It's always so exciting when your business thrives. Well done!


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