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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

{day 28} Whispers of the Heart! :: hope

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I cannot believe we're just a few days away from the end of October, and obviously, this 31 day challenge.  I sincerely hope you have been enjoying it as much as I have.  I'll be honest though - somedays it really felt despairing with only one or two sharing their thoughts in return - their responses, via comments, etc. - but I have to trust that it (this series) blessed in ways more than I know.  I really, really appreciate any and all support I have felt along the way. You have no idea how encouraging that is. Just one simple comment... means so much!  So, thank you!!!!!
 This is a big undertaking and requires some time management to pull it off.  However, I feel like I handled it pretty well... and that is comforting to me, as well as important.  Just a couple more days... and it's done!

I recently did a five minute friday post on the word HOPE  and I'm so tempted to do a repost and call it that.- but, so here we go again.  Same word.  Different day!  I'm just wondering how I might possibly pull out the word hope in an all new thought... (smile!)
Going through some papers on one of my bookshelves, I came across a piece of artwork, done along time ago by a dear friend of mine.  This is only a photocopy of the original - which she said, I may have, and thankfully too, because I love it so much!!  This collage was the result of her sitting down, one day, and doodling it all out with just a blue-inked pen...
I love it!  This gal is so talented and so creative... so patient.

I don't know if you can read all of the little sayings she sprinkled throughout - but my favorite one is this one, written in ink in the top left hand corner:
His hope is the anchor of your soul
To which I say, Yes!  and AMEN!

Tomorrow, we may touch on this topic again - as tomorrow's prompt word is: SEA (tricky, eh?)... but I found a story that I want to share with you and it also has much to do with Hope!
 Let me round out this post, by saying this.

Whenever we begin...
to be afraid,
to be unsure,
to doubt
We give ourselves permission to foster anxiety and angst of heart.
Whenever we begin...
to hope,
to trust,
to rest,
to be at peace
We give permission to the One who knows and controls all things.
The Bible says -  He keeps us!

I know Jesus is the anchor of my soul.  He is my hope!

Here is another way - that this message can be shared and that is through this worship song.  A song we sing quite often at church.  And it blesses me every single time I hear it and sing it.  I hope you enjoy it, as well, and will prayerfully sing along...

**I will consider this to be the prayer... for today's post.  Because, it certainly is the prayer of my heart, today!

How about you?  Where does your hope lie? And, in who?  Are ever tempted to lose hope just because it (whatever that is) seems "hopeless"?  I can relate to this.  I'm often tempted to give in and give up...
But, hope holds on.  It perseveres.  It endures.  To the very end!

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.


  1. Your friend has talent with that picture... so pretty... Hope is such a hard word to speak on.. I feel..
    Hope is something that I find hard to hang on to.. it only takes a sliver of negativity to cause the hope to fade... BUT I think that happens most likely (at least in my case) that I don't always put my hope in HIM... Throughout this 31 day challenge, I sure have learned a lot, realized a lot, and have been blessed a whole lot by the words that were shared. So I Thank You Bevy, for having the courage to work this thru, especially because of wifehood, motherhood, friendhood, and just trying to fit the time in to work thru this.. Anyway, I hope you have been blessed as well, and I truly have enjoyed this... Blessings sweet friend...

    1. Thank you, my dear friend, for standing by and being true. I had to think of Moses and the two - Aaron and Hur - who held up his arms (they were his encouragement and support) there on the mountain - while the battle was being fought. (Exodus 17:12).... this was you to me, Connie! Thank you... thank you... thank you.

      I will be praying for you today - I read your FB post. :)

  2. Bevy, Thank you.. and I have enjoyed following along daily... I think when we do things such as these... we learn a lot, not only with others but about ourselves.. As for the FB post, thank you too.. I am fine, just don't understand the purpose of sirens on a country road in the middle of the night... I often wonder if its policy, or having a fun moment to see how many people they can wake up... But at the same right, maybe it is necessary to get where they are going and to whom... Sure was loud and alot of them... Have a happy day...

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I have followed your 31 Days writings - as well as a ton of others. I am so guilty of reading them and rushing on to the next one without commenting. Please know that your writing has encouraged me.
    As a mom who has lost her firstborn I can honestly say I've been tempted to lose hope many times over the past four years. I haven't though...because my hope lies in the Lord and His promises. He tells me in His Word that I will see my son again (as well as other loved ones I've lost). He promises me peace that passes all understanding- and for that I am eternally grateful.
    P.S. I love 'Bevy'! My mom's name was Beverly and her nickname was Bev. ��


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