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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"My Story", as I attempted to tell it today. The Introduction.

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You did AWESOME!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing! You're sweet spirit and honest heart was shining...through the tears ♥ . Mommyhood ain't easy! so glad we don't have to go it alone! Your testimony really seemed to resonate with so many in attendance today. Thanks again for your boldness, and your willingness to share! :)  ~ Ginna

This is the note that I found in my inbox after getting home; after eating lunch; after the kiddo's (finally) fell off to sleep for their afternoon nap.

Today was MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)!  Every morning, as usual, trying to get two little ones to rush out the door and head to MOPS (or anywhere, for me) can be overwhelming.  There is usually always some hiccup, along the way, that interacts with the already feeling of "out of order", "out of routine" moments of menagerie...around here.

We managed.  With a hot, fresh baked Spinach and Chicken Quiche and homemade doughnuts holes to boot.  (Recipe for the quiche will have to come another day, but HERE is the doughnut recipe.)

I prayed for grace.

You see, this wasn't any ordinary day at MOPS - I was also asked to share "my story" today.  This was a first for me.  I surprisingly was not nervous... then again, I was.  Especially if I was to follow the Other Testimony.  I knew my friend's story was going to be a real tearjerker.  And it was. 
As it worked out, I ended up speaking after Jen, which in the end... it all worked out.

Of course, since I'm home... I've been mentally critiquing and evaluating myself with: You forgot to say this;  You totally missed that... Could anyone truly relate to or understand what you were sharing?  You're voice was cracking so badly... you should be embarrassed... and on and on.

But, you know?  I really need to trust the Lord that what I shared today was exactly what I needed to share.  I was so encouraged, after the fact, as fellow MOPS moms came up to me afterward to say "thank you" for my words and my honesty.  I felt their genuine love and care.

So without further adiue... here are the first few paragraphs to "my story"... and the rest will come at a later time.


Recently I was asked to share “my story”. (gulp). When I got the call from Ginna… I knew immediately what she was calling me for and I now believe it was all a part of God’s plan – in getting me to think about it – as literally, minutes before the phone rang, had just read the words, “My Story”, on the MOPS newsletter and wondered to myself “whatever could that be, about?”  Now, I know. (smile)

I guess, it’s my turn to fill in the blanks….

I honestly don’t feel like I have this huge redeeming story to share with you; that will make you sit there and choke back tears. But, as I spent the past few weeks reflecting on what God’s been doing in my life and where I’ve been and where I’m going … I will venture to say this, that what I do have to say will and maybe, hopefully, be a place where others can identify

I grew up a Conservative Mennonite gal; the oldest of nine – six girls and three boys...

To be Continued...


  1. Thinking of you this month..... I love the cliff hanger....

  2. I gave a bit of my testimony this weekend at a ladies retreat and afterwords I was beating myself up for all the stumbling I did and for the things I forgot to say. Thank you so much for reminding me that God can use even our jumbled up words for His glory. Who knows maybe he made my words just perfect for another lady who needed to hear them!

  3. It WAS great! <3 You rock!!!!

  4. I'm looking forward to hearing your story. :)


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