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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Daybook in August

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Outside my window... the Canadian Geese are starting to flock in to our backyard cow-pasture.  It sure makes for a noisy morning out there.  (smile)

I am thinking... I can feel it... almost.  Is Fall in the air?  Or, am I pushing it?  One thing - I will say.  This by far has been the most comfortable summer ever.  I love that nearly every blade of grass is still green - around here. 

I am thankful... to be feeling a bit better (from this Lyme Disease) every day.  I am nearly finished with the 30-day dose of antibiotics.

In the kitchen... it's time to make some home canned salsa.  We like it thick, chunky, and medium-hot.  I found a great recipe last year and in my excitement of finding this recipe, making it and enjoying it so much that we wanted to share it with everyone... we have none left.  Can't wait to make it again!!

I am wearing...  that SMILE!(choosing to, at least) or maybe I should try this one on!

I am creating... my husband and I are thinking about and working on creating a Chore Chart to have in place over the school year.  Ultimately we will be implementing the use of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, Jr.- Teaching Kids About Money!

I am going...to close my eyes and take a nap.  May I?

I am wondering...how this school year is going to pan out?  I cannot believe it- here we are!  Caleb will be in 1st and Aubrey headed off to Pre-K.  Wow!  The real question... I am wondering what my baby is going to do without big siblings around all of the time?

I am reading...actually, I have been thumbing through a magazine gifted to me, by my sister!  The summer issue of Life:Beautiful.

I am hoping... that dinner will turn out as expected, tonight.  It involves buttermilk and chicken..and seasonings.. ?? and whatever else with it.

I am looking forward to...seeing the blooms on Caleb's sunflowers.  The heads are there, but they are not opened yet. He's been so patiently waiting.  Actually, we're all excited...about them coming.

I am learning...  to say "yes!", more often.  That is not an easy word  for me, to say !  any questions?

Around the house...heading back into the kitchen.  On the list to make and bake:  Chocolate Applesauce Cake, Zucchini bars and Homemade Granola.  I already talked about Salsa...
Oh, and if you want to talk about smelling something around the house... ?  The farm smells around here have been pretty nice too.  I'm not joshin' either.  I like it!  A lot.

I am pondering... do you really want to know?  I've been burdened; this world in all of it's sickness and hopelessness and loss is really, REALLY (desperately) in need of J.E.S.U.S!  Amen?  This slippery slope...we're on (as a society, a nation).  We need Christ Jesus - The ROCK of our Salvation. It's the only thing that is sure.  Solid.  Unmovable.  Unchanging.

A favorite quote for today...
"Don't let yourself get so busy that you miss those little but important extras in life -- the beauty of a day...the smile of a friend...the serenity of a quiet moment alone."  ~ unknown

One of my favorite things... (I was thinking about this the other night!).. you know when your holding a sleeping child, and well..trying to get them to sleep or back to sleep, you know they're not fully there yet.  It's that moment when you feel their body fully relax in your arms and you hear that deep audible sigh.  And you know... they have fully entered la-lah land.

A few plans for the rest of the week: We have CG (small group with our Church) this week...and I am on schedule to bring the snack.  I'm sure you can say the grocery store will get frequented and maybe even a small family birthday party will take place for little Miss Jayne.  I cannot believe my baby will be two years old.

A peek into my day...
what one might see when taking the kids out for a long stroll around the farm!

Thank you, for reading along.

Joining up with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook.


  1. This is such a sweet post.
    You have opened up and showed us a peek into your feelings. I love how you have become such a great mom. Way to go!

    1. You think so? Thank you, Christine. You're so sweet.

  2. The farm is beautiful
    I agree, this has been a very comfortable summer. I know around here (In Kentucky) it's definitely beginning to feel like Fall!


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