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Thursday, November 19, 2009

good ole Mennonite Meal

Tuesday was a busy day for me (and I am so grateful that the little ones were on their best behavior) as I busied myself in the kitchen preparing a full hot meal to be enjoyed later that evening - by about 30 people, or so.  It was past due my turn to make a meal for our caregroup (small group with church) Tuesday night, get-togethers.  I had fun... and was glad to serve.

I decided on a Hamburger Potato Carrot stew - which I currently had enough ingredients on hand to feed an army.  That doesn't happen everyday.  But we had just butchered a cow not too long ago and so we had tons of burger and the potatoes were a deal out of Lancaster, Co.  (50 lbs./$10.00) and the carrots ...well,  no problem there.  I had enough of those, too.

Don't ask me precise ingredients (I couldn't find a recipe either - that was exactly to what I was had in mind) - I just sorta threw stuff in there.  Those of you who know me - know that I do call myself a "DUMP COOK", with pride.   Although, I will share with you a  (shhh!) little secret that I discovered in the making of the burger part.

I never did this before - because I never thought of it before.  But essentially I have done it many times before.  HUH!??!?!?  Yeah.

 I decided to take the 5lbs. of hamburger (or whatever amount it acutally was, can't remember) and spread it out into the large roaster pan.  Bake it at 450* for about 10-15 minutes (Because this is what I do, essentially, when I  make "Wendy" style cheeseburgers - any questions, you  can should ask me!). 

Cook it up this way, until no longer pink.  Then, with my *NEW* favorite tool  toy (Mix N Chop) from Pampered Chef, as seen in the picture, ( I love, love, LOVE this utensil!) I chopped it all up, so fine- like.  I did not drain it either.  I wanted to use all that "goodness" in there for flavor, etc.  The green stuff you see, with the burger, is still fresh parsley from the garden - which is close enough to the house, I guess, that it hadn't gotten bit by frost, too badly.  Wow, do you like my dutchyness going on there...?

I was so proud of myself for thinking of this batch cooking burger idea or method. I didn't have to dirty up a frying pan,  and the oven was going to be turned on anyway.  It just worked for me.  I think for doing a large recipe like this - It is the wisest thing to do and it's so easy.  No extra clean up - if that matters to you. Anyway. 

The rest of the meal included homemade Dinner RollsLittle Red Hen Bread, Cottage Cheese Salad, Coleslaw, Pickled beets,  and applesauce.  All recipes are included in these links.

: : Everybody was happy and satisfied or in other terms, more like all  "fat and scratchy".  Just the way I want my guests to feel.  ;)  yeah...

I said, "If you ever wondered what a good ole Mennonite Meal was like? - well, here you go".  Somebody mentioned that they felt like they should "go out and plow a field" - after eating a meal like that.  I'm not so sure if that was meant to be a compliment or what? ... ha ha.

I am glad it's done, for now - until another time.


  1. Sounds delicious! And yes I WANT to know all about the Wendy's style cheeseburgers!

  2. Yeah Jenn,(and in case anyone else is interested) here is the information that I thought I had "posted" about this - with burgers before. Check it out, the information is at the bottom of this post:


    I hope this helps. Orginally I had forgotten that I had brought this up before or else I would have done a link. oh well.
    We love burgers this way... great for "burger night" when its too cold to grill outside.

  3. Wow Bev!! What a meal!! Sounds wonderful.

  4. Okay, I'm coming to your caregroup! ;) That looks so good, and I LOVE the idea of doing the meat in the pan! That Pampered Chef thing looks great, too, especially because some of my kids do better with smaller pieces of ground beef. I'm off to check out your burger recipe!

  5. Me again. :) I love the cheeseburger idea! I'll have to use the large bar pan for our family, but I can't wait to try it. Do the juices ever overflow, or are the side high enough to prevent that? I'm wondering if I should put a baking sheet underneath...
    Thanks for the great idea!

  6. hey Denise,

    Come to our group - That would be so fun!!
    yeah, acutally the sides are totally high enough. There will be juice when you first get it out of the oven but after it sits (while letting your cheese slices melt, from the heat of it) the juices "disappear". Amazing. I think you'll love the easyness of it. Let me know how it works for you.


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